Fresh Juice “On-the-Go”!

Good news, Omaha! If you enjoy fresh vegetable juice but hate the clean up (and don’t mind spending the extra money), you can now get fresh veggie juice at Juice Stop.

I did so recently at the Aksarben Village location (not sure if it’s available at all locations).

They keep celery and carrots on hand, but they allow you to bring any of your own veggies that you’d like, as well.

Last time I stopped in, they were out of celery, so I popped on down to Wohlner’s Grocery and brought some back for them to make my drink.

They’ll also put fresh fruit in it, as well, if you prefer. Judging by their menu, carrot, celery, apple and orange are popular options.

I bought a large juice (to share with Chad) and ordered just celery/carrot; it was yummy and refreshing….and I didn’t have to clean my juicer (score!).



Make Your Own Veggie Wash!

Confession…Until recently, I was guilty of not washing most of my produce. Sure, I rinsed the dirt off, but that was about it. A client mentioned to me the other night that she keeps a spray bottle of vinegar by her sink for washing her fruits/veggies. (Thanks, Nancy!) Because this was the second time in a matter of weeks that this idea was mentioned to me, I decided I’d better get with the program!

Regular white, distilled vinegar is a proven anti-microbial; it kills most bacteria, molds and viruses. So no need to buy those veggie washes they sell at the store. Just get a spray bottle (I found this one at Lowe’s for about $2) and some regular ol’ white vinegar and mix them together in a ratio of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water. (Don’t worry, your food won’t taste like vinegar, just be sure to rinse with water afterward!)

My client also mentioned that she uses the solution to spray down her sink from time to time, and I know others who use it for everything from countertops to toilet bowls.

I’ll be using these tips, as well, because I cannot stand the smell of most cleaning products. And, as far as household cleaners go, it doesn’t get less toxic than cleaning with something you can eat!  (Don’t worry, the smell dissipates quickly!) And with a cost of about $2 per jug, vinegar is way less costly than veggie wash and most cleaning sprays!

Smoothie gone bad: Do NOT try this at home!

We make 2 kinds of smoothies at our house:

1. Smoothies for nutrition: These usually are heavy on the greens and veggies and low on sugary fruits or honey (and usually include some avocado or raw egg).

2. Fun smoothies: These are intended as “fun treats” and include varieties such as strawberry/pineapple/banana; and maybe some neutral tasting veggies or greens (like spinach) that you can’t really tell are in there.

THIS smoothie was definitely an experiment in the first category. But even for a “nutritious” smoothie, it lacked a certain appeal. Suffice it to say that arugala and broccoli sprouts don’t make for the tastiest drink. LOL! (Go, Chad!)

Homemade “candy” with just ONE ingredient!

Needless to say, candy is full of garbage!!! Dried fruit is a GREAT alternative; at least it contains some nutrients! And once you try this recipe, you’ll never buy those (yucky) banana chips at the store again! We love chowing on these while watching movies – you could even sneak your own into the theater to help you resist buying the processed junk they sell there!