Homemade “candy” with just ONE ingredient!

Needless to say, candy is full of garbage!!! Dried fruit is a GREAT alternative; at least it contains some nutrients! And once you try this recipe, you’ll never buy those (yucky) banana chips at the store again! We love chowing on these while watching movies – you could even sneak your own into the theater to help you resist buying the processed junk they sell there!

RECIPE: Homemade “Kettle” Corn

You won’t need a kettle, but this fun treat is guaranteed to satisfy your cravings   for your favorite store-bought “sweet and salty” popcorn snack! Yum!

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You’ll need an air popper for this recipe (unless you prefer a stove-top method).


1/2 cup popcorn kernels
4 TBSP butter (1/4 cup)
2 TBSP honey
Sea salt, to taste


Pop the popcorn in an air popper (or on the stove top using coconut oil).

In the meantime, melt butter and honey on stove top over low to medium-low heat.

Pour mixture over popcorn and toss well to coat.

Salt to taste, and enjoy!

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