Big diet changes for me!


Helloooooo…ooo…ooo…it’s me...(sang in a perfect Adele voice of course). Ha!

Wow…it’s been over a year since I’ve written anything new on this blog! Hopefully you remember who I am?!?!?

Perhaps this will help – my  website is primarily about natural recipes and avoiding food additives; and my natural foods journey began many years ago when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and then alleviated my symptoms through natural lifestyle changes (click here to read my return-to-health story).


Me and our teeny home on wheels!

I also blog about happiness, gratitude, following your dreams, and my full-time RV traveling life.

I’d explain why I’ve been gone so long from the blog, but it’s a long and complicated story (i.e., I’ve got limited data at this campground right now, so it’ll be cheaper for me not to! Ha!). We’ll save those details for a future post if that’s cool with you?

New blog posts have been brewing in my head this past year, and I’m finally making time to sit down and share them. What finally prompted me to sit down and start sharing with you is that during the past couple of years of our travels, I’ve finally gotten up the nerve to lighten up a bit on my 100% additive-free diet.

Wow! I never thought I’d utter those words!

When I learned about food additives many years ago (and alleviated all of my Fibro symptoms by avoiding them), I assumed they’d never, ever pass through my lips again. But, alas, I do actually enjoy going out to eat sometimes these days (and ordering more than water!)…and I’ve even eaten regular ol’ candy! Gasp!

(I know, right?!)

Yes, I know…it sounds crazy coming from me! And, perhaps, you find it hypocritical…because I do still very much believe that a 100% additive-free diet is best for us physiologically. For now though, I’ll just say two things:

1) Life is a journey. And, I could be wrong, but I do anticipate myself returning to a more pure diet again in the future.

2) Our physiological health is determined by many factors in addition to our diets, including our mental state.

Loosening up on my dietary restrictions has brought me much joy and fellowship and also encouraged me to believe that I’ll be able to travel more freely in the future (perhaps internationally?) without having to be so 100% concerned with every ingredient in every thing that passes through my lips. And that has been so incredibly freeing!

costco-pizzaYou may be wondering….

“Exactly how and why did you start loosening up on your dietary restrictions?”

“How often do you eat things that aren’t additive-free?”

“How are you feeling physically?”

“Do you ever have reactions from the additives?”

“Aren’t you  worried about Fibro symptoms returning?”

“What exactly have you eaten?”

Stay tuned, and I’ll do my best to ease these curiosities (and more!) in my next post.

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Can you help me out ASAP?

copyrightCan you help with a new dream I’m pursuing?! Pretty please 🙂

As you may know, I’ve developed a passion for nature and wildlife photography this past year (since traveling so much)! As most people do from time to time, I could use some help accomplishing my dreams (it won’t cost you a penny – just a couple minutes of your time)…

I’ve submitted 3 of my wildlife photos (shown here in this post) in a contest through Fine Art America, and I need 250 votes very soon (per photo) for any of them to move on to the next round of voting. The winners will be featured in a television commercial for Fine Art America! Sweet, huh?

I’d love if you’d take a minute to check out the full-size photos at the links here and vote for (up to 3 of) them if you enjoy them!


copyright2Link to Photo 1 – CLICK HERE!

Link to Photo 2 – CLICK HERE!

Link to Photo 3 CLICK HERE!

The next round of the contest is being judged by Anne Geddes – the famous photographer known for her cute photos of babies in all sorts of costumes! It would be an incredible experience for me to make it to the next round…to say the least!

copyright 3I know it’s a pain to log in to the site via the links above, but if you enjoy the photos and are willing to help me out, I’d be super-duper extremely grateful!

Either way, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d say a prayer or cross your fingers for me to move on to the next round! 🙂

And if you’d like to view all of the nature and wildlife photos from our travels that I’m compiling in an online gallery, those are available here at!

Sending love, health and happiness to you all!

~ Christy Pooschke

christy with camera