Can you help me out ASAP?

copyrightCan you help with a new dream I’m pursuing?! Pretty please 🙂

As you may know, I’ve developed a passion for nature and wildlife photography this past year (since traveling so much)! As most people do from time to time, I could use some help accomplishing my dreams (it won’t cost you a penny – just a couple minutes of your time)…

I’ve submitted 3 of my wildlife photos (shown here in this post) in a contest through Fine Art America, and I need 250 votes very soon (per photo) for any of them to move on to the next round of voting. The winners will be featured in a television commercial for Fine Art America! Sweet, huh?

I’d love if you’d take a minute to check out the full-size photos at the links here and vote for (up to 3 of) them if you enjoy them!


copyright2Link to Photo 1 – CLICK HERE!

Link to Photo 2 – CLICK HERE!

Link to Photo 3 CLICK HERE!

The next round of the contest is being judged by Anne Geddes – the famous photographer known for her cute photos of babies in all sorts of costumes! It would be an incredible experience for me to make it to the next round…to say the least!

copyright 3I know it’s a pain to log in to the site via the links above, but if you enjoy the photos and are willing to help me out, I’d be super-duper extremely grateful!

Either way, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d say a prayer or cross your fingers for me to move on to the next round! 🙂

And if you’d like to view all of the nature and wildlife photos from our travels that I’m compiling in an online gallery, those are available here at!

Sending love, health and happiness to you all!

~ Christy Pooschke

christy with camera


One easy way to start eating more naturally

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And here’s that recipe I promised ya…


Makes about 3 cups


2 cups extra virgin olive oil
1 cup raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (we use Bragg brand)
1 TBSP garlic granules (or 1/2 TBSP garlic powder)
1 TBSP dried oregano
1/4 cup raw honey
2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp freshly ground black pepper


1. Whisk or shake ingredients together and enjoy.

2. Store dressing in a sealed container.

TIP: Empty olive oil and vinegar bottles make great storage containers for homemade dressings!

(Psst….If you enjoy this recipe,  be sure to get yourself a copy of our additive-free cookbook & grocery shopping guide, “Eating Additive-Free“! It’s stuffed with 150+ more tasty recipes!! Your satisfaction is guaranteed…or your money back!)


Recipes for SIMPLE “Additive-Free” Eating

As you may already know, I am highly sensitive to chemicals and food additives (they REALLY jacked up my health big time – you can read more here if you’d like).

So now I prepare all of my own meals at home from ingredients that come from nature. And, as long as I keep my diet additive-free, I feel absolutely fine! Yay!

Seven years ago when I was suffering with Fibromyalgia, I was living on frozen dinners, diet soda and fast food….so I totally understand when people feel overwhelmed at the idea of starting to make their own food. But I really want everyone to know that it really doesn’t have to be complicated…and you don’t have to make exotic dishes with obscure ingredient! You can still enjoy simple, standard American dishes!


Homemade Enchiladas

Sure, if I want to eat enchiladas or something else that’s complicated, then I’m gonna have to spend a good chunk of my time in the kitchen. But most of the time, I have other things I’d rather be doing than cooking, so I eat much more simply most of the time.

Below are 10 of my favorite simple ideas and recipes to get you started if you’d like to try out some additive-free meals without spending all day in the kitchen!

ringbinderstandingOh, but before you check out the recipes below, I wanna make sure you know about my book filled with 150+ more awesome additive-free recipes and my unique grocery shopping guide that makes sure you avoid all of the “junk” that’s hiding in the most surprising places at the grocery store!

Check out my one-of-a-kind book (available as a fully printable E-book)Eating Additive-Free“! It’s a great book for anyone who wants to cut back on processed foods in their life! This book also makes an awesome gift for anyone you’d like to introduce to this journey! It also makes a great gift for yourself!  😉

OKAY, SIMPLE RECIPE TIME!! (click titles or photos for recipes!)

1. Salad with Chicken, Fresh Veggies & Homemade Italian Dressing 

salad with chicken

2. Crock Pot Roasted Chicken


3. Sauteed Summer Squash


4. Grilled Chicken Thighs

grilled thighs

5. Quick Garlic Broccoli


6. Herbed Rice

herbed rice

7. Chocolate Oatmeal

choc oatmeal

8. Sausage & Eggs

sausage and eggs

9. Skillet Fries or Hashbrowns

skillet fries

10. Chocolate Banana Pudding (dairy-free)



“Follow” our blog (in the left-hand column of this site), and we’ll send ya more great tips!