This REAL food can REALLY mess up your taste buds!

About a week ago, I started having a strange bitter and metallic taste in my mouth (especially right after eating anything). Everything I’ve been eating since then, tastes FUNKY!!  I would’ve NEVER suspected this FOOD was the cause!! Here is the link to the FDA’s page regarding this matter. Be sure to contact them if you experience this reaction and find this food to be the culprit –

Here are a few more links I found on this issue:


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6 thoughts on “This REAL food can REALLY mess up your taste buds!

  1. I soak and dehydrate all of my nuts so that may help people. I do it to get rid of the phytates but also find that it makes the nuts taste a lot better.

    • The crazy thing with this reaction is that the nuts actually taste perfectly fine at the time they are ingested. It’s a couple days later that the taste buds start acting all screwy no matter what is eaten. SO weird!! 🙂

  2. This happened to me too! The reaction made anything sweet taste bitter. It lasted about one week. It was because I was on a pine nut kick. I gave it some time, tried pine nuts again and the same thing happened. No big deal, just interesting. I use cashews and almonds to make most things anyway.

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