Food Marketing Translations

I wish I knew the original source for this graphic that I found on Facebook. It’s difficult to read, but I believe it says “” at the bottom??? Well, either way, I thought this was great and had to share!


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5 thoughts on “Food Marketing Translations

  1. It is so sad that this is true! I get horrific Migraines from preservatives and MSG so the truth on the labels are very important to me and my family. Thank you for a wonderful blog!

    • Yes, it is SO crazy how complicated it has become just to eat FOOD, huh? I am highly sensitive to MSG and other additives, as well…and it sickens me how many things they can hide on food labels! Glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂

      • I am also sensitive to MSG. When we figured out it was causing my debilitating vertigo, we got off of it and the vertigo was gone. With MSG so well hidden in our food labels, I finally just threw my hands up and walked away from processed foods and fast foods (….so this was a HUGE gift to me.) Oddly enough, my sometimes twice weekly migraines now number about 3 or 4 a year. Obviously, after a couple of decades with Migraines, the MGS had a lot to do with it.

        • I’m so glad you’re finding answers for your suffering! Would you be interested in writing up your story about your vertigo, etc. and what exactly you no longer eat, etc. in more detail for me to publish on my site as a guest post? It could really help a lot of folks, as I know I hear about a lot of people dealing with vertigo issues for which docs can find no solutions…and maybe you’d inspire them to give dietary changes a try! 🙂

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