Dried Fruit Shouldn’t Glow in the Dark!

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Off hand, I can’t think of anything I eat that glows in the dark, but the bright orange mango slices shown here to the right sure look like they would! Funny how when I slice open a fresh mango…it’s yellow inside! And when I purchase additive-free dried mango slices (as shown below), they are brownish-yellow in color.

But I commonly see bright orange slices sold as “dried mangoes,” too, and they are full of additives, like sulphur dioxide & artificial colorings!

Dried mango slices should look like this! And they should contain “mango” and NO other ingredients! Yum!

Even more ridiculous is that the bins and packages containing these “glow-in-the-dark” varieties often state that they contain “sulphur dioxide for color retention“! Huh? For retention of what color exactly??? The artificial yellow #5 that they’ve added to the slices for some reason??? Or is it the yellow #6 color whose retention is aided by this sulphur dioxide?! I am truly perplexed, and I’m not even sure I want to know! Wow! It really should not be this complicated just to eat real food!


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4 thoughts on “Dried Fruit Shouldn’t Glow in the Dark!

  1. At whole foods a year or so ago there was a brand of organic mango they were using that was definitely free of gluten and sulfur(sulfite) and dye free(all things that my body is clinically intolerant of-leading to either asphorous skin ulcers, psoriasis, and/or vomitting upon ingestion). I check each week at least if not every otehr day and they have neever returned to that quality. I swear on the lives of all who love me and know me and are defenselessly sweet to me that these dried mangos were bright orange and if cut properly could have fooled me that they were orange gummie bears. Even the flavor was great. ORganic dried mango CAN BE bright ORANGE and I have foudn that within a pack of high quality brownish yellowish packs of mango there are ripe peices that approach the BRIGHT ORANGE peices I had seen for that season at Whole Foods. And idiot I am I failed to retain the distributor, and failed to buy a bulk amount at the time it was in stock. Please keep your eyes open bright orange does not always mean glow in the dark. My goal is nto to diminish but to encourage your joinign me in finding the best dried mango ive ever seen. One of the best part of it was that it did nto put you on the toilet as consumption of the brown often rank and slightly rotten tastign brownish-yellow mango can have. Another clue is it was as if the mango slices were shaved(with a peeler or a knife) as opposed to sliced in the manner that the chip shaped brownish yellow commonly appear.

    • Just because something is labeled as organic does not make it so. even if it is from Whole Foods. Mangoes should not be bright orange and gummy, and if it was found in the same bag, it doesn’t mean that it’s all organic. You don’t know what companies do, or if batches have been mixed or you’re being tricked into thinking it’s organic.

  2. btw Im mean these dried mangoes weave between the natural yellow of a raw mango to most often an orange that approached a tangerine, clementine or transluscent orange gummie candy. The consistency was often crisp cruchable edges but became more chewy as you chew it. And often only the outer edge was crispy. NO I AM IN NO CONFUSION AS TO IT BEING A FREEZE DRIED or other product. THIS is coming form a person who squats down with gloves and spends up to 15-20 minutes sifting out the best peices form the brownish yelowish organic product and i have been a sulfite intolerant celiac diagnosed in 2009 so no idiotic mistaKEs possible in recognition of that nasty wear gooping paste in that glow int eh dark bin.. I can be often quoted saying “mango(oranges, mandarins, cranberry, goji, etc..) does not need our help you *********” (explicitives)

  3. I WANT TO mention as well that the crispiness was apparently due to the extreme ripeness that sheathed the mango intertwined with the naturally emanating sugar from the unforgetably great strips of dried mango unlike any other Ive experienced in my 3-4 years of addiction to dried and flattened fruits particularly mango.

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