Fresh Juice “On-the-Go”!

Good news, Omaha! If you enjoy fresh vegetable juice but hate the clean up (and don’t mind spending the extra money), you can now get fresh veggie juice at Juice Stop.

I did so recently at the Aksarben Village location (not sure if it’s available at all locations).

They keep celery and carrots on hand, but they allow you to bring any of your own veggies that you’d like, as well.

Last time I stopped in, they were out of celery, so I popped on down to Wohlner’s Grocery and brought some back for them to make my drink.

They’ll also put fresh fruit in it, as well, if you prefer. Judging by their menu, carrot, celery, apple and orange are popular options.

I bought a large juice (to share with Chad) and ordered just celery/carrot; it was yummy and refreshing….and I didn’t have to clean my juicer (score!).




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