Strawberry/Banana/Pineapple “Ice Cream” in just Minutes!!! (dairy-free)

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Smoothie gone bad: Do NOT try this at home!

We make 2 kinds of smoothies at our house:

1. Smoothies for nutrition: These usually are heavy on the greens and veggies and low on sugary fruits or honey (and usually include some avocado or raw egg).

2. Fun smoothies: These are intended as “fun treats” and include varieties such as strawberry/pineapple/banana; and maybe some neutral tasting veggies or greens (like spinach) that you can’t really tell are in there.

THIS smoothie was definitely an experiment in the first category. But even for a “nutritious” smoothie, it lacked a certain appeal. Suffice it to say that arugala and broccoli sprouts don’t make for the tastiest drink. LOL! (Go, Chad!)