Overcoming Anxiety & Insomnia by Avoiding Food Additives

I just LOVE getting messages like this from folks who read my blog!!!

anxiety and insomnia“Hi Christy. I was very interested to read your story (“From Fibromyalgia to Food“) having had different symptoms but came to the same conclusion myself about what the problem was.

I had horrible anxiety problems and really bad insomnia for about a year before I read up on excitotoxins and the like and to be honest was getting to the point where I was beginning to think I was losing my mind.

Whilst I have not quite restricted my diet as much as yourself, my own personal rules are no sweeteners, no fizzy juice (i.e., soda), nothing with “extract”, “flavouring(s)” or “modified” on the label, no MSG or anything that resembles it, and generally if the ingredients are too long then don’t eat it.

This has completely transformed my life and like yourself I’ve been trying to influence as many people as I can to eat in a healthy fashion. I made the YouTube video below about my experience in the hope that it would help others.  ~Alan”


Alan’s video is below, but first I’d like to share a few thoughts…

It is SO great to hear of other folks who have done their own research and come to the same conclusions about all of the garbage that is in our food supply. Just take a peek around the web, and you’ll find people resolving all sorts of ailments by ridding their diets of processed foods.

It worked for my Fibromyalgia and for Alan’s anxiety and insomnia…but the list goes on and on!

All of these additives are making us sick…tired…and overweight!

People are really starting to catch on to all of the food industry’s tactics, and it’s inspiring to see so many folks taking their health into their own hands!

Like Alan says in the video below, it’s incredibly important that we eat real food and stop ingesting all of this chemical garbage! It can be overwhelming, but if regular folks like Alan and I can do it…anyone can!

If you need a bit more inspiration or information, please browse around my CompletelyNourished.com website at all of the videos, resources and recipes I’ve posted. (And if you’d like even more assistance with getting started, be sure to check out my book “Eating Additive-Free: A Natural Cookbook and Grocery Shopping Guide.”)


How to Avoid Food Additives!

PLEASE NOTE:  The hard copy version is no longer available. But click here to preview the e-book version and get pricing details! The e-book is fully printable, so you can totally print it out and store it in your own 3-ring binder as shown here if you’d like…

What is “Natural Flavor” in food products?!

This news story that aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes program is definitely worth your time to watch! Find out how “natural flavors” are made and why they are added to our food!! Do they make foods addictive??!?!? Watch the video below, and decide for yourself!

Want to avoid these (and other) food additives??? Be sure to grab a copy of my natural cookbook and grocery shopping guide, “Eating Additive-Free.” Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back!

60 minutes - natural flavor


You know you’re healthy when….

You know you’re healthy when…your spice cabinet is fuller than your medicine cabinet 😉

Six years ago, I owned exactly 4 spices: onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper. I didn’t know how to cook a thing from scratch. I was living on Lean Cuisine Meals, Slim Fast bars, diet soda and sugar-free chewing gum. If I “cooked,” it was things like Hamburger Helper or noodles with Velveeta melted on them. Oh, and some canned corn or green beans.

It honestly never occured to me that what I was putting in my mouth could’ve been contributing to my Fibromyalgia suffering, and my medicine cabinet was loaded with over-the-counter and prescription medications. I took many pills each day and tried all different kinds, but nothing really helped.

What did help me was reducing/eliminating the following things from my life: processed foods, medications, fragrances and chemicals (e.g, perfumes, hair spray, air fresheners).

Now I feel GREAT!

Do I ever get sick of cooking everything at home from scratch? You bettcha! Do I get bummed out about the constantly overflowing pile of dishes in my sink (and, who am I kidding….on the stove and counter, too!)??  Absolutely!!!

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!! I feel better than I ever have in my life; I have no more Fibro symptoms; and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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(NOTE: Always seek professional medical assistance regarding prescription medications. I am not advising anyone to make changes to their medications without medical supervision. This blog does not substitute for medical advice; I am merely sharing my story of what helped me feel better.)