What is “Natural Flavor” in food products?!

This news story that aired on CBS’s 60 Minutes program is definitely worth your time to watch! Find out how “natural flavors” are made and why they are added to our food!! Do they make foods addictive??!?!? Watch the video below, and decide for yourself!

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60 minutes - natural flavor


6 thoughts on “What is “Natural Flavor” in food products?!

  1. Thanks for posting! I wanted to see this segment but missed it. The problem with the fake flavoring agents is that they dupe our senses into thinking “tastes good so, it is good for me”. We are biologically wired to eat what we like because in nature, flavor guides us to nutritious foods. In nature, fat, sugar, and salt are rare so we would not over-consume what is rare. Generally, the best flavors of nature are the most nutritious. (We select the ripe fruit, the fat animal, the tender flavorful greens, etc. Yet with fake flavors, the poorest, least nutritious foods can be made appealing. When the nutrition is lacking, our biology is not fooled, and we consume more trying to fill a nutrition void that cannot be filled by poor,
    but tasty food. This is why people can eat and eat and not be satisfied. Always plenty of calories but lacking real nutrition.
    They can sell us junk, which is produced cheaply, flavor it with unnatural chemicals, and we will like it and go back for more. What a system! Except that we have a country of over fed and under nourished!

  2. This video is a true “wake-up” call for all of the people that are not using their mental common sense to “think” why processed foods/drink tastes good to them.

  3. I found this video to be a long, well developed diversion… ‘Flavor’ means MSG. Not once was this mentioned…. We know what it does to the brain, to induce ‘flavor senses’, and we know what these excitotoxins do to our bodies. Yet, these toxins find their way into almost all ‘packaged’ foods via the ‘flavors’ created by these companies. This is the fearsome, gruesome truth of ‘Flavors’ in our food system. Not that ‘if food tastes good, you’ll over consume.’ Please.

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