You and your taste buds are gonna LOVE our “Eating Additive-Free” Cookbook & Grocery Guide, and you won’t believe all the time and energy it saves you! But don’t take our word for it…read below to see what our happy customers have to say!

Pat Reimer shares…
“After nearly 40 years of dieting, including two times of losing 100 lbs only to gain it all back immediately after, I reached a point where I was well over 300 lbs, and I was left wondering how that could be.
I mean, I had enough diet knowledge to write an Encyclopedia of dieting tips, but I was still obese. A dietitian recently told me, “Don’t eat foods that your grandparents or great-grandparents wouldn’t have cooked with.” So I began searching online for ‘Recipes from scratch” and “Grandma’s Recipes” and in my searching, I arrived at “Completely Nourished“.
I watched Christy’s video where she talked about the additives in foods, and I began to learn more about them and the damage they can cause to our health. Then I downloaded the free beginner cookbook she offers, and I was surprised to see so many family-friendly meals.
For someone coming from boxed macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, I was unsure if I would be able to find recipes that my family would be willing to try. Imagine my surprise when I saw meatloaf and taco salad and salad dressings that were so simple to make and could double as marinades for grilling quick meals! I could do this!
Shopping took some time at first as I began to read labels and remove the blinders that I once wore when shopping. To be honest, I’m still learning my way, but most stores do have non-additive items or organic items if you spend some time looking around or ask an employee for help, and after about a week of eating additive free, (relying a ton on Christy’s and Chad’s e-cookbook and the beginner guide) even at my body size, I noticed I was sleeping better at night and had much more energy during the day and well into the evening hours.
My health began to improve, my skin began to improve, and I really did feel better. In addition, I began seeing my weight go down, but I was still eating foods like Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo, Homemade Pizza, and Pan-Seared Cajun Shrimp (from their Eating Additive-Free e-book)! The Cajun shrimp was such a family favorite that I had to make it two nights in a row!
Honestly, to those unsure if this this will work for you, just give it a try.  Check out the information here on this website and try a few recipes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you find out, as I did, that eating additive-laden foods truly can affect the way you feel.”



“I purchased Christy’s book when I was on the hunt for healthy, new recipes in one spot that offered ideas for using only unprocessed foods.  At the time, I was also cooking for the following:  someone with celiac sprue, a vegan, a meat-eater and two young children.  This cookbook has several dishes in it that got a thumbs up from all of those people!  Many dishes are also freezer-friendly so I could store them for later use.  Not only is this cookbook a great resource but Christy is, too.  If you have any questions as you go through the book, she is always available with an answer! Some of our favorite recipes include Baked Cheesy Chicken Strips, Simple Guacamole (no more processed packets for us), Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Easy Baked Fish, Ground Italian Sausage (this is the only way we eat sausage now and it’s FANTASTIC!), Tomato-Basil Lentil Soup and Black Beans and Rice.  I look forward to trying the dessert recipes, too!”

anonymous profile picturePATRICIA (of Dashing Fibromyalgia) (Williamsburg, VA)

“Do you keep hearing that the chemicals in your food are affecting you, and that changes to your diet can help?  Problem is, you have absolutely no clue where to even begin with changing your diet? WELL….. A fellow Fibromite (i.e., Fibromyalgia suffer) was kind enough to put her knowledge in ink, and she has created what I consider to be a Must Have Beginners Guide to eliminating the chemicals from your food.  When I was completely lost in the woods and spending months and months researching all this information that was so very foreign at the time, I came across this cookbook & shopping guide from Completely Nourished that laid the groundwork. What I liked the most, was that her food was normal every day meals that would not require a drastic change at the family dinner table.  The recipes are super easy, which is what we need most when we have no energy to prepare our meals as it is.  And the shopping guide I found invaluable, as it saved me countless hours of research when it was nearly impossible for me to read something let alone digest it. Christy Pooschke found her hidden fruit in this disease.  She found her passion, and has helped countless Fibromites who are suffering without any idea where to begin.  I admire the work you do Christy!!  Thank you for being such an inspiration, and a valuable resource to the Fibromite community!!!”


“A year ago, I thought my diet was healthy. How wrong I was! Christy pointed out and explained to me the hidden ingredients in my everyday food. At first I thought, “What’s wrong with eating that? After all, most of the population eats food laden with these additives and preservatives and flavor enhancers!” My focus until that time had been low-fat, vegetarian food. Little did I realize these very foods were pumped full of chemicals and non-food ingredients!

My turning point was my growing arthritis in my knees and hips. They ached, especially at night. I had other health problems but these pains were going to be my barometer. So I implemented the changes that Christy suggests – even gave up chewing gum.

It has been almost a year, and every now and then I’ll eat some junk, but overall I would say my knee and hip pain is almost non-existent. I don’t take any pain meds (over-the-counter or prescription). Also, I have lost an overall “toxic” feeling I used to get when I chewed a lot of sugar-free gum or drank my favorite “naturally flavored” Lipton Green Tea. (I thought it was healthy!)

I can honestly say I probably would have never wised up and cleaned up my diet/lifestyle had I not had Christy’s coaching. I look at food so differently now! Her cookbook is loaded with great recipes and makes clean eating much easier. This is not a diet; this is an eye-opening, liberating journey to make yourself feel better for the rest of your life!”

Noreen Wilkins (Omaha, NE)

“Thank you for such a wonderful cookbook! Your cookbook is by far the easiest one I’ve ever followed and has made me a much better cook than I was. I never thought that so few ingredients can create such mouth-watering dishes that I am proud to serve any of my guests. The book is so easy for me to open up and carry into the supermarket, so I can decide right there in the store which recipes I’d like to prepare. And, since many dishes use the same ingredients I can usually just add a couple or more items to my list and have everything I need for the next two meals. Nothing goes to waste! You have a great variety of dishes for all sorts of dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.). I personally enjoy all vegetarian, meat, poultry and fish dishes. I can honestly tell you that it’s hard to pick a favorite recipe and I’ve already cooked several of them more than one time. I’ve lost weight and have maintained my current weight with your recipes. They are very healthy, and I give two thumbs up for all the work that you put into this cookbook that has made it a success for both myself and my husband. Thank you for such creative and healthy dishes. Here’s to your health!”

Shan SwainShan Swain (Bellevue, NE)

“About 15 years ago, I was beginning to have joint pain – it wasn’t bad at first but as time went on it increased. Exercise started to become more and more painful. I went from walking to not walking because of the pain. I would have to organize my schedule according to my pain level. In a matter of 5 years I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The only thing they could do for me was physical therapy or medicate for the pain. So I begin to seek my own relief.

In January of 2012 my daughter Courtney told me about an article she had read about someone who had lived for years with Fibromyalgia but was currently pain free. She told me that the gal’s name was Christy Pooschke and that she had a website full of information at http://www.CompletelyNourished.com. So I read Christy’s whole return-to-health story on her website, and in her story I found the light! I could relate to everything she was saying about her health issues, it was my story! The light was that Christy had discovered a solution to the PROBLEM – not a fixer upper or a band-aid, but a true, real solution!

I was a skeptic at first. When the time came for Christy, my daughter and I to meet for a consultation…I still thought it wouldn’t work. But Christy put us at ease and said “these changes take a little time, so don’t overwhelm yourself.” She went through some of my foods and explained that it’s the ingredient information that matters because so many of the additives in our foods can make us sick. As we continued, she challenged me to start switching out my food for more additive-free foods and to cook my own food at home. Christy’s “Eating Additive-Free” Cookbook & Shopping Guide was a huge help in that regard because it is filled with recipes for the “typical American” types of foods my family already enjoys!

When we finished our consultation, I began to go full speed ahead and switched out everything in my cabinets for real food and clean food. This took time and required my attention as to what I really was eating. It was shocking to find out that something as simple as canned tuna fish often contains hidden MSG! One of MSG’s most commonly known side effects is headaches but also for me the effects of MSG were bloating, aches and joint pain, and chest pain that felt like a heart attack. A few times I thought I was having a heart attack, which led me to get an EKG…but my heart always tested out just fine.

I started to go out to eat less often and began cooking more at home. This gave me satisfaction to continue this new journey. Within 2 months, I started to feel a difference! The days and weeks went by, and I had less and less pain. I am not even aware of the joint pain anymore…unless I go out to eat. Then, soon after I eat I can either get a headache or joint pain which I know is from an additive in the food. It’s amazing how I can tell a difference immediately! I have been so careful (with help) when I grocery shop for clean foods. I make sure that I purchase real food ingredients. For example, now I make sure to select peanut butter that contains just peanuts and salt. Nothing more!

As for my activities I am trying to work in some simple excises and walking. This has been amazing because the walking has been easier and fun! I’ve also been able to thoroughly enjoy several vacations with my family since recovering from my Fibromyalgia pain – and that has been an absolute blessing! I also love outdoor activities, and maybe I will try to bike again. In the mean time I am totally enjoying the flavor of my new foods, my new menu ideas and how much better I am feeling. This is now 9 months into my new food requirement. And I don’t say that lightly, it is a requirement for me to avoid food additives if I want to feel good. I have also lost 30lbs., not that it was anything I was working towards, it just happened as a “side effect” of avoiding the additives.

My final thoughts…if food additives are causing folks like me to be so sick, what other problems are people having that might be a result their diets?! Let’s be sure to inform those who are in need.”

Cindy M. (Omaha, NE)

“I met Christy Pooschke at a health fair where she was hosting a booth for Completely Nourished. I was telling her about how I’d given up sugar, and she asked if I had switched to artificial sweeteners. I told her that I had and she cautioned me about all of the health destructive properties of fake sugars and MSG (and all of its hidden names). She told me all about the health problems she used to have when eating processed foods and how eating real foods had alleviated her symptoms. I was fascinated!

She offered to take a trip to the grocery store with me and educate me on clean eating. That grocery trip forever changed my life. I didn’t realize all this food that I considered healthy was causing me mood swings, headaches, fatigue, cravings and weight gain. I thought I was eating healthy by sauteing my veggies in fake butter, chewing gum in between meals,drinking Crystal Light and microwaving Healthy Choice meals. I knocked out all foods without real ingredients over time and with a lot of continued education. The more I took out, the better I felt and the more I wanted to continue to optimize my physical recovery.

Today I eat a diet that I’d say is more than 95% clean (i.e., “real”) ingredients. My food is free from MSG, aspartame and chemicals. I, personally, do not eat gluten and dairy because I discovered I am intolerant to these chemicals and they cause me anxiety. In addition, I avoid sugar at all costs because I am very addicted to the substance. If I eat one bite, I cannot stop.

My clean lifestyle has given me a balanced mood, headache-free and craving-free. I now maintain a very healthy weight. I live with my boyfriend. I am grateful he accepts me for my past and where I am presently. He ended up taking an interest and started educating himself on clean eating and began making an effort to change his eating habits, too. He is not as diligent as I am, but he still manages to eat clean and organic 80%-90% of the time (it can’t hurt that I cook all the meals and send him off to work with clean food daily). As a result, he dropped 20 pounds, he sleeps better, and his mood and anxiety are significantly better. Our efforts brought us closer to each other because we have a common goal of health and bettering ourselves.

I cook at home for almost all of my meals and, believe it or not, there are a TON of delicious recipes I have created and discovered that are in line with my food plan. Many recipes I found on Christy’s website and in her cookbook. Her cookbook recipes are healthy and delicious and you don’t have to be a cooking genius to prepare them. Even my friends and family enjoy them! I still yearn for fellowship and let’s face it…eating out is a social endeavor. When and if I go out to eat, I will eat at the Jason’s Deli salad bar or order Sashimi or order chicken or fish and ask the chef not to season it at all, and I add my own salt and pepper. My way of living takes some effort, however it is worth it! I feel great; I look great, and I don’t have to take medicine to achieve this! Today, I am healing my body with food. I am truly eating to live!”


“My life CHANGED in January 2009 when Christy Pooschke brought to my attention that much of what I had been eating was NOT healthy for me! Before January, I was eating food that I had thought was healthy for me because it was low in calories and fat. I was making what I thought were “better” choices. Ha, little did I know!! Much to my surprise, however, I learned that much of what I’d been eating wasn’t even real food – it was just processed junk and chemical additives!! Gosh, I had never even thought to read an ingredients list! Now when I look at the ingredient list, if I can’t pronounce it, I do not eat it! I steer clear from preservatives, additives and especially chemicals like aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG).

So, why would a healthy gal in her mid 20’s who is in fairly good shape care about food so much and be willing to give up fast food, candy, soda and other easy “fun” snacks?! Well, simple answer is because I want to be a healthy, fit 60-year-old someday who does not have to rely on meds for a variety of aches and ailments!

I am a FIRM believer that you ARE what you EAT! I know that is an old saying but it is SO TRUE!! Before I sought Christy’s help, I was living what I thought to be a normal, “healthy” life! I was a college student at the time, and I took naps on a daily basis and ate ibuprofen like it was candy! Headaches EVERYDAY is normal, right!?! NOT!! Ask me the last time I took ibuprofen – I DON’T remember! P.S. – My naps are a thing of the past!! If anything, I am bursting at the seams with energy!

I was not an “ill” person when I started this journey; I just wanted to learn how to eat real foods that are grown from the earth and not created in a lab somewhere – It just makes sense that that’s what we’re supposed to do if we want to look and feel our best. I was a happy and healthy person already; but since changing my diet, I feel even better! Not only do I NOT have a headache everyday (barely ever…just an occasional menstrual headache), I have so much ENERGY and I TRULY feel AMAZING!!

Below are some of the changes I’ve noticed since I began my REAL FOOD Lifestyle!

Headaches…few and far between compared to everyday and at least 800mg/ibuprofen/daily

Energy Levels…I feel noticeably more alive and awake in the mornings. I have a newly found excitement for life. I just feel better altogether.

Weight Loss…I have lost 7 pounds with very moderate exercise; meaning some weeks I walk 2-3 times and some weeks 0 times! I have lost inches in my hips and thighs!! I am wearing jeans that I was not able to wear for months! So exciting! I went down a size in my jeans! (keep in mind weight loss was not a goal of mine, believe me…I eat! A LOT!! J J)

Nails…I have always had very thin, unhealthy looking nails. Now they are growing faster than I can trim them, very strong and they have a healthy color and shine. I have also noticed that my toe nails are much healthier. They use to look yellowish but now I never wear polish and they look great!

Sick less often… I get sick much less frequently, and when I do get a cold, it usually lasts no more than 3 days…I believe that is due to raw fruits, veggies and raw honey.

I admit, when I first heard of all the changes I would need to make, I did feel a bit overwhelmed. After all, I was very used to grabbing a bite to eat whenever and wherever I happened to be. This lifestyle does take more time and planning, but it’s SO worth it! Christy is overflowing with information about how to navigate the grocery aisles, and she has tons of delicious recipe ideas (even beyond those in her cookbook) that have made my transition very smooth!

I love her recipes and so do my friends and family – – even my little nieces and nephews! Christy took great care to pack her cookbook full of kid-friendly recipes, which is great! And most of the foods are basic things that I’ve always loved to eat anyway; but now I can make them from scratch and know exactly what I’m putting into my body! And the cookbook makes a great gift, too. I buy it for people all the time because it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

I am so GRATEFUL to have gained this knowledge about food and to realize that it is so IMPORTANT to KNOW what we are putting into our bodies! Our bodies were made to be HEALTHY, not sick! The human body is an AMAZING thing and when you nourish it with what it needs you will get AMAZING results! I truly believe that! I wish a healthy long life for EVERYONE! When in doubt, look at your diet….it may be the cause of the problems you are having!!”

DONNA HUBER L.Ac., M.Sc. Thirteen Moons Acupuncture  (Omaha, NE)

“Completely Nourished personal chefs have been preparing natural, additive-free meals in my home every week for the past 9 months. I am a very busy natural healthcare practitioner who was struggling to prepare my own healthy meals with any kind of consistency, and my husband travels quite extensively. When Christy announced that she was going to start offering this service, I JUMPED at the opportunity! I had been trying to come up with a way to provide a service like this through my practice, so I could take advantage, but mostly to help my patients on their quest to eat more healthfully.

The most difficult thing people struggle with in our busy, busy world is preparing healthy meals for themselves and their families. This is where Christy and Chad come in! They come to my home every Tuesday and prepare 4 days worth of lunches and dinners for me. This has saved me so much time!!

Christy and Chad are consummate professionals! They are clean, dependable and humorous; and they flawlessly move through my kitchen as they prepare delicious, fresh, organic meals that are also gluten-free and dairy-free! They do the grocery shopping, prepare the meals and leave a menu for the week so I know what to eat and when; AND they leave the kitchen spotlessly clean! They are always coming up with fresh, new ideas for dishes, so it’s never the same old thing. I do have my favorite menu items, though! I cannot imagine my life without this service! I highly recommend them, and you’d better hurry –  They can only cook for so many people! Don’t you want to be one of them?!”


“Utilizing the weekly personal chef services offered by Completely Nourished has completely transformed my perspective about food and cooking! I am a busy mom with two young girls, and when it came to cooking for my family, I found myself defaulting to recipes that I had known from my childhood – recipes that included a lot of fatty and high-calorie foods like cheese and pasta. So, I was motivated to find a way to offer my family healthier, more well-balanced meals and to add to my cooking repertoire. This was the challenge that I set before Christy and Chad. And, I am so pleased to report that I am accomplishing my goals with their help!

They come to my home and prepare natural & delicious meals for my family each week, and this saves me a lot of time! They also provide me with some simple and healthy recipes that I can prepare on my own for the rest of the week. With their help, I feel much more confident about what to prepare and how to prepare it while enjoying healthy and delicious food! I have also been able to shed 21 pounds during the past three months since they started – yeah! Christy and Chad, I could not have it without you…thank you!!!”

amy mather

AMY MATHER (Omaha Public Library)

“Christy presented Eating Outside the Box at Omaha Public Library’s annual Read It & Eat Culinary Conference.  With over 100 guests, Christy told her compelling story of how she overcame the debilitating pain of Fibromyalgia by cleaning out her cupboards of food products containing additives and making food from scratch.  She was a fantastic speaker. Perfect fit for our culinary conference, and most importantly, she inspired many guests that day!”


4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. My life changed after the birth of my oldest son in November of 04′. Born with many issues, one of our struggles became something called MSPI (milk soy protein intolerance). Which, after all was said and done from surgeries to NG feeds (Nasal Gastric feeding tube) left a lot of stress and confusion in our home, where new parents had to maneuver through a new food world. All that being said, when he hit 2 years old, we were told he’d out grow his MSPI and to feed him regularly, even though he failed a conventional milk challenge with pasteurized store bought milk, we were told to feed him normally and see. By the time he was 4 years old, he had been diagnosed as “Failure to Thrive” for his entire life, had a diagnosis of Functional Abdominal Pain and was just a few days away from being in the hospital. He had no energy, was lethargic really, dark circles under his eyes and only wanted to eat macaroni and cheese and ice cream!

    It was during this time that my youngest was born and also diagnosed with MSPI! I breastfed the entire time with him. Though he was so sensitive I literally was allowed to eat less than 10 items of food the entire year. None of them came from a box or can – this should’ve been my first clue!

    Beside myself with worry over my oldest son, I was talking with a friend who jogged my memory on an article I’d read when he was first diagnosed. That we begin to crave the things we’re allergic to. So, I took to the net to find what I could and recipes that I could use if I removed the milk from his diet again. This is around the time I stumbled upon Christy’s site Completely Nourished. I found a few recipes and promptly removed the milk proteins from his diet. Within two days, he was asking for second helpings of food. I added liquid vitamins that were easily digestible for his tummy (all gluten, casein, preservative free, etc.). Within one week, the dark circles under his eyes were gone, he’d put on 2 pounds and most of his personality changed!

    Diagnosed with Asperger’s, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, etc. I pretty much couldn’t think about his future, I knew what all of these diagnosis together meant. Well, just removing the gross processed milk proteins, changed a majority of his issues! His tics were so bad that it would take him 5 minutes sometimes to finish a sentence because he’d tic, stop talking and have to start the sentence over. He was beating himself and had just expressed the desire to have coprolalia (This is what people think of when they think of TS). It was really bad, removing just the milk and in 3 years, I have not seen his tics come anywhere near that degree anymore. Truth me told now, when his tics are on a downswing, you wouldn’t even notice he has TS! To top that off, he went from 8 medications down to just 5!!

    So, I went back and read Christy’s story again. Followed a few of her recipes and started to slowly cut out all those additives in his food and his brother’s food. We’re still not 100% additive free but, we’re probably 99% additive free now. We also made sure that their food was organic whenever possible as well.

    Flash forward, 3 years and my son was again being tested for Celiac again. So, standing there holding him down for yet another blood draw, I realized that rather than keep doing this, it made more sense to go gluten free for him. So, we went gluten free too. Within 4 days he had what one neurologist termed “withdrawal” symptoms! It was awful really but, by the next day, just like when he was removed from milk, he was almost the little boy I knew at 2 years old!

    Which prompted me back to Christy’s story here, where I poured over anyting that I could get my hands on. Then I went went back and got my geek on. I researched for hours sometimes on the net about foods, GMOs, preservatives, etc., After a little over 2 weeks now casein/gluten free, my oldest is being titrated down on the dosage of 2 of his medications! With the hopes that he can get completely off of them. My youngest, who was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in November of 2012, was originally put on ADHD meds during the day and awful Clonidine at night to help him sleep. Today, after just this short time off of gluten too, he’s now medication free! Unlike my oldest, who you wouldn’t even know had Asperger’s, you will notice my little guys eye contact problem and sometimes his communication issues, but overall, his whole personality is different. He’s still a little wilder than the neighborhood kiddos but, nothing like he used to be.

    On a side note, before I took them gluten free and as preservative free and additive free as I could, I was almost 300lbs on the dot. I got whooping cough last year and couldn’t shake it. Went in a second time to the ER and had pneumonia. They sent me home with some antibiotics and strict instructions. Two days later, I got a call from my GP’s nurse. She told me that I was hands down diabetic, but that they needed to perform another test to be thorough. She read off my entire CBC to me and explained what all these numbers meant. While she did say that my illness would give some of these higher readings, it wouldn’t account for how high all of them were or why they were all out of control. I found out that I had metabolic disorder, my adrenals were running on empty, etc. I sat there and realized that with two parents who had congestive heart failure, one of which had died at 61 years old from it. My mother at 64 has already had numerous heart attacks, a stroke and 2 stents put in her heart…

    I had a choice to make, as I sat there listening to my numbers being read off and listening to my children digging through their Legos in the other room. I could keep going or die younger than my parents. So, I headed back to Christy’s site to find recipes and as much information as I could to get myself healthy enough to take care of them. To date, I’ve lost a tad over 40 pounds in 2 months! I have way more energy than I have had in years, I’m emotionally happier and more together than I have been. My whole life has changed!

    Had I not found Christy’s site or story here, I have no idea where we would be now. THANK YOU Christy! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you! If you’re out there, reading this, KNOW that diet DOES matter!

  2. Thanks to Christy and all the testimonials above for sharing your stories. I would like to share my story as well. As a baby I had collic. In my teen years I started having awful acid reflux and bladder infections. Around 16 years old, I was told based on blood work that my thyroid was not functioning well and I took thyroid medication for a few years. I have suffered from acid reflux and diarrhea nearly every day of my life. In my thirties, I became severely depressed, was put on numerous anti-depressants that had horrible side-effects, one of which was to cause changes in my metabolism, so I started packing on extra weight. Then I suddenly had a retinal hemorrage. My blood work showed extremely elevated levels of antibodies, I was told I had Lupus. At this point, I ran away from the doctor and avoided doctors at all costs. My eye healed itself. After age 40, things really started going downhill my problems included: debilitating fatigue, muscle spasms in my back, hips, and arches of my feet, joint pain, swelling and inflammation all over my body, edema in my hands and feet, numbness and tingling in my hands, brain fog, hair loss (I was pretty bald on the top of my head), sore throat, seasonal allergies, I got pneumonia twice, vision became worse and worse, night blindness, canker sores, hives and skin rashes, extreme chemical sensitivity especially to cologne, perfume and pine scented cleaners (these caused me difficulty breathing and headaches), hypoglycemia, dry mouth, profuse sweating around my neck at night, irregular heartbeats, infertility, and still had acid reflux and diarrhea everyday, which did not alleviate even though I took prilosec everyday for 10 years and gulped antacids every night. About 3 years ago, my sister (who was thin, ran 3 miles everyday, and had tons of energy) suddenly had a major health crisis and after numerous doctors was diagnosed with Celiac. It took her a year to finally convince me to try gluten free. Well I tried it several times but it was really hard and I gave up. My bloodwork said no problem with gluten. But I decided to try it anyway, mainly to make my sister stop nagging me. WOW, after 3 weeks of following a strict gluten free diet, I had lost 12 pounds, had no acid reflux for the first time in my entire life that I could recall, had no joint pain or muscle spasms, and was growing a crop of new hair on top of my head. Even just the new hair would have been enough to keep me on gluten free. Now, after two years on gluten free, I feel 70% better, but still have some issues with low energy, body aches and pains, and acid reflux occasionally. Most of the other problems are completely gone. So, I have been reading and researching and have recently made a commitment to myself to try to avoid all GMOs and eat organic food to avoid pesticides. After listening to Christys story, I am going to also eliminate all food additives. I joined an organic food co-op and get a bin of produce twice a month, I hate to waste anything, so I am eating alot more veggies. Most of the food additives are made from GMO corn and GMO soy. But now I know to avoid things like flavoring and spices and yeast. Wish me luck, I hope to be able to report soon that I feel totally fantastic.

    • Wow, Valerie! Kudos to you for not giving up after all that you’ve been through. How exciting that the gluten-free switch helped you so much! I’m sure that’s helping motivate you to keep making additional changes. Thanks so much for taking the time to share…I’m sure your story will inspire others not to give up, as well. I look REALLY forward to hearing how things go from here for you, so please do keep us posted!! 🙂

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