From Fibromyalgia to Food: How I Took Control of My Own Health

Thanks, again, to Dr. Shawn Schmidt (Natural Health Center PC in Omaha, NE) for having me on his “Best of Health” radio show and allowing me to spread the word about how chronic illness led me to my life’s purpose. I am introduced about 8 minutes into the recording below. (Click here for more info on the “Eating Additive-Free” book that we discuss in the second half of this interview.)


How to Avoid Food Additives!

PLEASE NOTE:  The hard copy version is no longer available. But click here to preview the e-book version and get pricing details! The e-book is fully printable, so you can totally print it out and store it in your own 3-ring binder as shown here if you’d like…

11-year-old boy explains what’s wrong with our food system

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Let Birke Baehr (below) explain why you should care…