SWEET MISERY (Documentary about artificial sweeteners)

As you watch this video about Aspartame, please keep in mind that MSG (which is hidden in foods under dozens of various names) has the same effects in the body as Aspartame. So, even if you don’t use artificial sweeteners, chances are that this information is still extremely relevant for you! Check out my cookbook and grocery guide for all of the info you need to avoid these toxins in your food and drink!

Shopping Tip of the Day…

Read the ingredients label on EVERYTHING you purchase. If you can’t easily explain to a 6-year-old where every ingredient came from (how it was processed, etc.), don’t allow it into your cart!!

A few examples come to mind, like…”polysorbate 80,” “autolyzed yeast extract,” “high fructose corn syrup,” “natural flavor,” “partially hydrogenated oil.” There are many more examples, of course!

Need some help figuring out what on Earth to eat instead?! Grab a copy of our book, “Eating Additive-Free“! It’s stuffed with 150+ tasty natural recipes and a complete additive-free grocery shopping guide to help you find safe versions of all of the ingredients in our recipes! (Your satisfaction is guaranteed…or your money back!)

Already on this additive-free bandwagon???? Sound off below, and share with us what ingredients you avoid at the grocery store…


Artificial Sweeteners in MOST Chewing Gum!!

Did you know that even most SUGAR chewing gums also contain ARTIFIICIAL sweeteners!!

Click here  for example of Big Red chewing gum. Then   click on “Ingredients” to see that there’s Aspartame (and sugar) in there! Consumer beware!!