Aspartame: Is this additive destroying YOUR health??

SWEET MISERY (Documentary about artificial sweeteners)

As you watch this video about Aspartame, please keep in mind that MSG (which is hidden in foods under dozens of various names) has the same effects in the body as Aspartame. So, even if you don’t use artificial sweeteners, chances are that this information is still extremely relevant for you! Check out my cookbook and grocery guide for all of the info you need to avoid these toxins in your food and drink!


Are Carbs the New Cocaine??

Click here to view footage from the Dr. Oz Show. He explains just how addictive processed carbs can be and outlines a plan to help curb your addiction in just 4 weeks! Find out how cuddling with your significant other (or even a pet!) can help you beat your addiction!!

Dr. Oz Exposes 4 Things the Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know

I loved this episode!

Dr. Oz pleads with us to be our own health advocates and to always try lifestyle changes first!

I know many folks are skeptical about natural health information, so it’s great when an M.D. speaks out in the mainstream on these topics….PREVENTION is key!!

Is it easy to eat healthfully and exercise regularly??? Hell no! But it’s no walk in the park to be sick and dependent on medications, either!

Click here to watch the Dr. Oz episode that exposes the secrets the drug companies don’t want you to know!!