How the Food Industry is Destroying Your Health & What YOU Can Do About It

accentIn the video presentation below, I explain many of the sneaky tactics used by the food industry to disguise toxic chemicals in our food.

I also explain how such additives in food cause and exacerbate a wide variety of health problems, and I share a little bit about my own personal struggle with chronic pain and fatigue (i.e., Fibromyalgia).

If you are living in more pain or with less energy than you would like, please take the time to watch this video and share it with anyone it may help!

You will learn why food additives matter and how to avoid them when shopping at the grocery store!

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3 Sources of Food Additives that May Surprise You!

(Originally published on Written by Christy Pooschke.)

“It is commonly known that fast food, frozen pizzas and candy bars¬†are filled with taste enhancers and other food additives. But did you know that¬† food additives are also lurking in products that would seem at a glance to¬†contain just one ingredient? Ironically, some of these items may even be¬†things you are using to prepare foods from scratch at home in an effort to avoid the dangerous additives in pre-packaged meals. Following are some¬†food items that seem so self-explanatory that you may be purchasing them without¬†even checking the ingredients list.

Tomato Paste

Many varieties of tomato paste contain a surprising number¬†of ingredients. Be especially wary of flavored or seasoned varieties of tomato paste. For example, one popular brand’s “Italian Herb”¬†variety contains all of the following ingredients: “tomato puree (tomato¬† paste and water), high fructose corn syrup, salt, dried onions, partially¬† hydrogenated vegetable oil (soybean and/or cottonseed), spices, hydrolyzed corn¬† gluten, soy & wheat gluten proteins, grated Romano cheese made from cow’s¬† milk (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), garlic, citric acid, yeast, soy¬† flour.”

Of course, varieties that are not flavored or seasoned¬† often contain food additives, as well. “Natural flavor” is one additive that is¬†commonly added to tomato paste, and it can disguise dangerous ingredients like MSG. Manufacturers are not required to reveal the components of their “natural¬† flavorings” on food labels, so be sure to read carefully and select a brand of tomato paste that contains only, “tomatoes.” (Note: If you prefer to purchase tomato paste contained¬† in a glass jar, instead of a can, visit a natural food store or shop online for¬†jarred options.)

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is another food that you may logically¬†assume contains just one ingredient – peanuts. Unfortunately, most common¬† commercial brands also contain health-depleting ingredients like sugar, corn¬†syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oils (i.e., trans fat). Ideally,¬†purchase brands that are unsalted and contain only, “dry roasted peanuts.” Many regular grocers may not carry plain, unsalted peanut butter, so you may need to¬†shop at a natural food¬† store or shop online for this item. Many regular grocers do carry at least one brand that contains only “peanuts and salt,” though, if you don’t mind the salt but prefer to avoid the corn syrup, trans fat, etc.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar offers an array of health benefits. It eases heartburn, joint pain and joint stiffness, improves skin complexion and bowel function, breaks down fat to aid in weight loss, etc. To¬† reap these benefits, purchase raw (unpasteurized), organic and unfiltered¬†varieties only. You may need to visit a natural food store or the health section¬† of your regular grocer because this type of vinegar is usually not sold in the¬† regular vinegar section. Read apple¬†cider vinegar labels very carefully, as there are varieties that contain¬†additives like coloring and flavoring agents. If you look closely, these¬† imposters are actually labeled on the front of the bottle as “apple cider flavored vinegar” because they are actually comprised of white vinegar¬†(made from corn, not apples) with artificial flavors and colors added to¬†make them look and taste like apple cider¬†vinegar.”

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Christy Pooschke is author of “Eating¬† Additive-Free” and founder of – a holistic health community featuring hundreds of delicious, natural recipes suited to a¬†variety of dietary restrictions (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegetarian,¬†soy-free, MSPI, etc.). Christy was inspired to help others reduce their reliance¬†on processed foods after resolving her own Fibromyalgia¬†symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes. Want more great tips and recipes¬†for eating an additive-free diet? Subscribe to her natural¬† foods blog, join her online¬†community of 1,600+ members, and get yourself a copy of her book – “Eating¬† Additive-Free: Natural Cookbook & Shopping Guide“.


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How to Avoid Hidden Food Additives at the Grocery Store

Are you doing your best to avoid food additives like High Fructose Corn Syrup, hydrogenated oils, MSG, Aspartame, and artificial colors and flavors?

In the video below, learn how the food industry is allowed to hide ingredients on food labels and how it affects your health!

Even if you are spending a lot of time, effort and money to avoid these ingredients, and even if you shop exclusively at natural foods stores, you still may be ingesting these additives without even realizing it!

If you need recipes and grocery shopping guidance to get you started, check out our e-book, “Eating Additive-Free”¬†(a Natural Cookbook & Shopping Guide that includes 160 additive-free recipes).


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Are Food Additives Causing YOUR Health Problems? “My Journey from Fibromyalgia to Food”

(Below is the video footage from my “Eating Outside the Box”¬†presentation offered through the Wellness Program at Mutual of Omaha insurance company on 9-13-12.)

Are you or your loved ones experiencing health problems that are keeping you from living life to its fullest (insomnia, digestive distress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, headaches, chronic pain, weight problems, etc.)? Could there be ingredients in your food that are making you sick or exacerbating your symptoms? Find out how I completely eliminated my debilitating chronic illness, despite doctors telling me that I would suffer with ‚ÄúFibromyalgia‚ÄĚ for the rest of my life. Learn about harmful additives that are hidden on food labels, and start reducing YOUR reliance on processed foods…


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