Strawberry/Banana/Pineapple “Ice Cream” in just Minutes!!! (dairy-free)

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“Attacked” By a Dairy Cow….and Lived to Tell!

Because we prefer to buy much of our food directly from farmers, we often visit the farms where our food is grown or raised. Below is footage of my attempt to “greet” a dairy cow at Kvam Family Farm (West Point, NE).  We tried to approach cow after cow, but every  one just politely rejected us and walked slowly in the opposite direction. So when this cow actually stayed put…and not only that, but lifted her head in my direction, I got a little “spooked.”  It’s embarrassing to look back at the video and to see how docile these creatures really are, but I just have a fear (as slightly irrational as it may be) of most any animal that weighs more than I do – horns or not!!