From Fibromyalgia to Food: How I Took Control of My Own Health

Thanks, again, to Dr. Shawn Schmidt (Natural Health Center PC in Omaha, NE) for having me on his “Best of Health” radio show and allowing me to spread the word about how chronic illness led me to my life’s purpose. I am introduced about 8 minutes into the recording below. (Click here for more info on the “Eating Additive-Free” book that we discuss in the second half of this interview.)

Aspartame: Is this additive destroying YOUR health??

SWEET MISERY (Documentary about artificial sweeteners)

As you watch this video about Aspartame, please keep in mind that MSG (which is hidden in foods under dozens of various names) has the same effects in the body as Aspartame. So, even if you don’t use artificial sweeteners, chances are that this information is still extremely relevant for you! Check out my cookbook and grocery guide for all of the info you need to avoid these toxins in your food and drink!