Salad with Chicken & Fresh Veggies

I just LOVE to cook once and eat twice (or more)!!! And this is the perfect meal for doing just that! We smoked 4 chickens yesterday, and now we have tons of meat leftover. (You could also roast your chickens, instead – we use the smoker because we can fit more chickens in there. LOL!) Or you can use leftover grilled chicken…or grill some up fresh just for this. Whatever works! 🙂

Tonight we enjoyed organic salad mix from Costco topped with leftover smoked chicken meat; fresh tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers; and homemade Italian Dressing!

I tossed in some Italian flax crackers on the side for good measure, too! 😉 Click here to read more about those!


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3 thoughts on “Salad with Chicken & Fresh Veggies

  1. Awesome dressing recipe= 1/2 cup natural grapeseed oil,1/4 cup maple syrup,1/2 cup white balsamic vinegar

    Add toasted walnuts, tart apples and goat cheese- YUMMERS!!!!

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