“City Girl” Meets Dairy Cow!

Although we live in the city, we are most certainly on a quest to eat much of our food “close to the source.” This often entails visiting the farms where our food is grown or raised. A couple summers ago, one of our first farm visits was to Kvam Family Farm in West Point, NE. While we were there, we decided it would be fun to hike out into the fields and say hello to their cows (when in Rome… right!?!?!?).

Every cow that we tried to approach just politely rejected us and walked slowly in the opposite direction…so when this cow actually stayed there…and not only that, but lifted her head in my direction, I got a little “spooked.”

It’s embarrassing to look back at the video and to see how docile these creatures really are, but I just have a fear (as slightly irrational as it may be) of most any animal that weighs more than I do!! LOL!


One thought on ““City Girl” Meets Dairy Cow!

  1. They should be more scared of you. They’re only herbivores and are harmless and well, you’re probably going to end up eating him or his friends! I’m not trying to be mean here, just saying it how I see it. maybe just think of that next time you go there and you could walk closer to them without the fear 🙂 Totally understand it though I lived on a farm for 18 years and only plucked up the courage recently lol!! You are doing a great thing living more naturally than most, and that I respect that so much 🙂

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