Food Additives Affect Children’s Health & Behavior

Have you ever wondered whether our children’s diet is affecting their health…or maybe even the way they feel or behave? Do you assume that certain children can “handle” food additives just fine just because they aren’t overweight or diagnosed with a behavior disorder or medical condition?

I encourage you to view the 5-minute video overview below that details the improvements experienced by children at one elementary school when their parents and school administrators worked together for 2 full weeks to eliminate food additives (colorings, flavorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives, etc.) from their diets.

Would it surprise you to know that some of the benefits reported by the children and their parents and school staff included: increased attention skills, decreased impulsiveness & behavior problems, less difficultly falling asleep at night, decreased bed wetting, fewer headaches & skin rashes, and improved mood and anger control (leading to improved relationships with peers and family members)? Even children who appeared initially to have “nothing wrong with them” were better behaved during the 2-week trial diet.

Please view the following video; and if you would like assistance with reducing the amount of food additives in your child’s diet, check out our “Eating Additive-Free Natural Cookbook & Grocery Shopping Guide” we have created to help ease your transition!


Kombucha On Sale at Whole Foods!

If you’ve never tried Kombucha (fermented tea), this is a GREAT time to give it a try because you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper deal in Omaha! Synergy brand is usually sold for $3.39/bottle at Whole Foods, but right now they’re just 2 for $5!!!  Sale ends June 14th! Of course, the cheapest way to enjoy Kombucha is to make your own like we do, but Chad decided to try a couple “fun flavors” anyway since they’re on sale 🙂