How NOT to Make Kombucha!

One of our “foodie” friends was kind enough to cook for us this evening. After dinner, we made the mistake of inquiring about the progress of her homemade Kombucha-making. She explained that when she had made it 4 months ago, it turned moldy. She was too freaked out to deal with it at the time, so she just tossed it back in the cupboard (huh?!) LOL! So, of course, we HAD to see it with our own two eyes…

Kombucha On Sale at Whole Foods!

If you’ve never tried Kombucha (fermented tea), this is a GREAT time to give it a try because you’d be hard pressed to find a cheaper deal in Omaha! Synergy brand is usually sold for $3.39/bottle at Whole Foods, but right now they’re just 2 for $5!!!  Sale ends June 14th! Of course, the cheapest way to enjoy Kombucha is to make your own like we do, but Chad decided to try a couple “fun flavors” anyway since they’re on sale 🙂