Farm Tour – Chisholm Family Farm (Elmwood, NE)

The hubby and I LOVE touring local farms, and there are SO many great ones in the Omaha, NE area!!! Last weekend we visited Chisholm Family Farm in Elmwood, NE (about 40 minutes from Omaha). Special thanks to Laura (and her daughter) for hosting us for the afternoon!! We had a blast visiting, petting and feeding the animals and also enjoyed a tour of the RAW MILK facilities and store! I highly encourage my readers and clients to buy from local farmers AND to visit local farms to see where healthy food comes from!


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Eggs: Are You REALLY Getting What You Pay For????

Standing in the egg section of your local grocer can be some of the most confusing time you spend during your shopping trip! Is it worth the extra money for brown eggs? Free-range eggs? How about organic?

Is there any resemblance between the picturesque farm scene on the carton and the environment in which these birds are actually raised?! You may be surprised. Check out the video below for some egg-buying guidance. (And for more great info, check out our additive-free cookbook & grocery shopping guide, “Eating Additive-Free“! It’s stuffed with 150+ tasty recipes and tons of natural grocery shopping guidance!! Your satisfaction is guaranteed…or your money back!)