One mom’s journey with recovering her son’s autism

As a person who took my health into my own hands and recovered from a chronic illness that doctors believed I would suffer with for the rest of my life (i.e., Fibromyalgia), I am always interested to hear about others who have done (or are trying to) do the same for themselves. Obviously what works for one person is not necessarily what will work for others. But if spreading the word about these recoveries helps even one person, then it’s worth taking the time to do so.
Please read below to learn more from Channa Brennon about her journey to help her son recover from autismAs always, the content included here is intended for informational purposes only. 
The following was sent to us from our reader, Channa Brennon….
autism recovery“I am always so glad to share my story with others, as I wish I had someone tell me in the beginning how powerful and dangerous the foods we put in our mouth can be.  I learned the hard way as most of us do. My son at three and a half was like a ferrel wild animal. He was violent, couldn’t talk and would never sleep. He was in severe pain. He would wake up all night long screaming. He was diagnosed PPD NOS….which falls under the autism spectrum. This was not anything but relief for me as I knew something was wrong with my son and finally I had proof.
After I fed him anything his stomach would blow up like he had swallowed a basketball. His colon was paralyzed. It literally stopped working. He would only poop with enemas, and everything he pooped was the whole food pieces he had eaten. Nothing was digested.
Surprisingly, the doctors told me there was nothing to worry about. I knew better, and I searched and searched and prayed for answers. Finally I met a woman over the internet who told me about Andy Cutler chelation and diet. I leaned that my son’s gut was so inflammed that nothing could get digested. I learned about food allergies, and yes my son was allergic to almost every single food he ate, but I found out about a rotation diet and cutting out all the grains and any type of processed food. I also started chelation which I believe had a part in the autoimmune issues/food allergies my son had.
I got a delayed food allergy panel and tried to keep out the foods he was most allergic too. I also cut out all grains from his diet becuse grains are hard to digest . I found that in the begining, with so much damage in his gut, he did good on homemade veggie soups – this was all he ate for about a week until the inflammation went down. Some people might think it’s extreme, but if you think about the fact that my son was wasting away on all the high calorie food I was feeding him, I knew I had to try something different. I alternated this with bone broth soups. And, as he became better, I added in more variety of whole foods. His food was as “clean” as I could make it. That meant no flavoring and no processed foods of any kind. Just simple organic veggies and later on beans, fish, chicken and eggs.
My son has come so far from where we started. He can now eat grains. I buy North carolina rice and organic oats.  I am working on learning how to make my own cultured sourdough bread. I also subscribe to the Eat Right for Your Blood Type philosophy, as my son and I are both blood type A and we do better on vegetarian fare. So I make lots of bean soups. I soak and sprout before I cook. We eat tofu that is non-GMO certified, and some chicken, fish and eggs. My son’s gut has healed to the point that he can eat goat yogurt that I buy from the whole foods store. It is my one and only processed food I buy for him and that is because they are one of the few clean company’s. Otherwise, everything he eats is from scratch. I never give in to processed things as my son can’t tolerate it.  It seems in your mainstream grocery stores everything is made with GMO foods – corn syrup, sugar and soy.
Forward to today… my son is 75 percent recovered. With a clean diet as number one priority, I believe we will find complete recovery. If you would like to read more about my journey, my blog is  Thank you so much for reading my story! Please share with anyone who may find it useful.”

10 thoughts on “One mom’s journey with recovering her son’s autism

  1. the autism label is used to describe a great number of symptoms..anything from scripting to handflapping rocking….sound sensory…..ect…it is found that in a lot of these cases treating any gut issues as well as heavy metals are greatly reducing these symptoms.

  2. Autism includes and transcends the content of the short dietary blog written by Channa. The first three posters who replied to Channa: Do they have ASD children? Are they doctors? No one can rationally rule out another’s experience and data without having studied the full context of it. There just was not room for that here. We can all agree on the radical wellbeing that can result from a pure, genetically-appropriate diet. This is just one of the healing strategies that Channa has applied and reaped great benefits from in her struggle with documented Autism. Now she is sharing her hard-earned experience. Congrats!

  3. How funny that these comments all say that the chld didn’t have autism — are the commentors actually doctors who have carefully reviewed his case?

  4. Congratulations on your hard work and the progress that work has given your son! I have seen amazing things in children with autism when their diet is cleaned up and remove toxins from the body. Your journey has not been easy I know, but your son is a lucky kid to have such a dedicated mother. I wish you 100% recovery as you continue this journey.

  5. congrats to you. I know our kids can be healed, its just to find that piece that missing. apparently you did, and I am following your footsteps. I believe food is a main issue amongst other immune things which comes done to food again and again. Ever since my son is eating clean food he made big gains, and just hoping that I can keep up with it. It cost a lot and lots of work, but it with every effort.Just ignore the ones who tell you your son did not have autism. Unfortunately you will always get negative comment, ignore it and keep doing what you doing. Wishing you the very best.

  6. Good on you Channa. There’s some very daft people in the World today with very narrow views On Things they haven’t even experienced.
    If your kid has autism your kid has
    Autism. There’s no disguising it. The behaviours are obvious, the child is usually
    In pain, there are signs of gut, sensory, social
    Immunological problems. Not just ‘allergies’.
    Power to these dedicated mums who are working their guts out to heal their kids’ autism. I’m one of them. Their kids are blessed. Shame on the ignoramuses out there who judge without experiencing or seeing. Their ignorance will keep them where they are.

  7. My original comment (which appears to have been deleted??) was only saying that the improvements in health / behaviour etc from special diets are because of reactions to those foods, not autism itself. Anyone who chooses to eat a better diet will find probably every health issue they have is improved – but it’s important to note that it’s not the same as curing Autism. It will help behaviours, it could cure belly aches, etc – but autism isn’t going to go away.
    Perhaps my wording the first time around wasn’t clear… sorry if I caused any offence or confusion.
    As to whether the first 3 commenters are familiar with ASD – I was commenter #2, I have Asperger’s, my son is also on the spectrum. Yes, I am familiar with ASD!
    I think it’s great when people catch on to good healthy food. Keep it up 🙂

    • thank you emmie…autism is such an emotionally charged subject for so many..including myself. many of us fight so hard against injustice…and ignorance,,,,we are judged and yet we keep fighting….my fiancee is aspergers…we have had many long discussions on the parts of autism that are physical causes verses the personality….ie. genetics….I love aspergers/autistic people…I am choosing to marry one of them…..however I will keep trying to make both my fiancee and my son healthier with biomed and diet:)

  8. thank you all for your support on this difficult subject….may God give us strength and peace to continue fighting for our kids health

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