Even CHEAPER Ketchup Deal!!

Hey Omaha! I just happened upon an even cheaper deal on Annie’s ketchup. First of all, I don’t have a Super Target near my home, so I had no idea that they even carry this brand! Yay! Looks like regular price is just $3.29 per bottle (compared to $3.99 at Whole Foods), but right now through June 4th, Target is selling it for $2.89 each!!! Wow!!

Note: This is the only brand of ketchup that I buy because it’s the only brand I’ve found in Omaha that doesn’t have either of the following in the ingredients list:
1. High fructose corn syrup
2. Vague words like “natural flavor” or “spices” (Annie’s brand actually lists each and every spice in their ingredients list, so I can feel more confident that there’s no hidden MSG in there!)