It’s Everywhere!! The Many Hidden Names for MSG!

accentSo…you’re not eating MSG anymore because you’ve heard all about its health effects, right?!

Unfortunately, many products that say “MSG-Free” on the front of the package actually still contain hidden sources of this toxin. And it’s perfectly legal according to current labeling laws!

Outraged?! You should be!

It’s difficult to list all of the possible names that can disguise MSG because the food industry always seems to stay one step ahead of us consumers when creating new ways to “describe” their ingredients. For starters, though, click here for an overview of many of the names which disguise MSG on food labels.

Commonly reported physical effects of MSG ingestion are also included in the above link. I’m sure most of you will see a few ailments on that list that “hit close to home.”

This is just one example of the crap that we’re better off avoiding in our food as much as possible. Reading food labels can be really tricky, so it’s best to just:

1) Avoid foods with lengthy ingredients lists.

2) Don’t assume that a food has no ingredients list. For example, you may think that “sour cream,” “ground beef,” and “garlic salt” are pretty self-explanatory. But you’d be surprised at what you’ll find lurking on the back of the package of certain brands (I’ll blog about those later)!

3) If a food contains even ONE ingredient that you don’t understand, then leave it on the grocery shelf!

For many of us, it doesn’t take much of a toxin to have a devastating health effect, so don’t fool yourself into thinking that a little bit doesn’t matter! And, unless you enjoy spending hours at the store and online researching chemical ingredients, just stick with basic additive-free foods! If you’re not sure where to start with making such dietary changes, I’ve worked hard to create a book just for you! My “Eating Additive-Free” Natural Cookbook & Grocery Guide contains 160 delicious and simple natural recipes as well as ALL of the grocery shopping guidance you need to make every one of my recipes! Click here for more details, pictures, complete Table of Contents and ordering instructions. It’s available as an e-book (instant download)!

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How Food Additives are Making Us Sick (video series)

I cannot “beat this dead horse” enough! Please watch these videos and pass along to anyone you know! Everyone must learn to avoid MSG and all of its disguises (which is the tricky part). I’ve met SO many people who are trying so hard to do the right thing, but they are still experiencing unexplained symptoms. More often than not, it turns out to be hidden additives in food they never suspected. Just because, for example, you’re “vegetarian” or “vegan” or “gluten-free” or “buy EVERYTHING at health food stores” or “eat 100% organic” doesn’t mean that you’re avoiding things like MSG successfully. Unfortunately there are VERY few processed foods that don’t contain such hidden additives, even if they are “certified organic”! To name a few, these additives contribute to or exaccerbate things like obesity, migraines and other pain conditions, vision problems, heart problems, behavior disorders and attention difficulties, fatigue, digestive distress, etc., etc…..