And you think YOU’RE sick of the grocery store?! :)


I never could’ve imagined that my life’s work would involve trapsing around grocery stores with a clipboard for hours on end. Heck, I was at the store so long yesterday that I actually forgot where I parked! And I do it all for YOU guys  😉

I’m in the process of generating a “grocery guide” to accompany my  cookbook. It will thoroughly explain which additives to avoid with each ingredient that you purchase and give suggestions for particular brands and stores that carry additive-free versions.

From the looks I get, it appears that staff members sometimes think I’m some sort of “incognito” inspector or something as I read ingredient labels and take my notes…lol. Well, it’s one way to get superb customer service wherever I go 😉

And I can’t even tell you how many customers assume that I work there and ask me where items are located, etc. (Believe me, when they ask where the PopTarts are, it’s tempting to pretend I’ve never even heard of those. lol)