How much sugar is in that soda, anyway?!

Do you know how many grams of sugar are in a can of soda?! Many contain around 40 grams! Of course, that doesn’t really mean much to the average consumer who is unaware that every 4 grams equals nearly 1 teaspooon of sugar! Yep, that’s right! About TEN TEASPOONS of sugar in most cans of soda! Yikes!




My First Time Canning Solo!

Today marks an important milestone in my life, and I feel it’s appropriate to share it with all of my loyal readers. I conquered a personal fear today – – pressure canning alone!

To some of you this will sound silly, I know. And others of you will understand exactly where I’m coming from – a place of fear of things exploding. LOL!

After more than half a dozen canning experiences with my good buddy, Chad…I finally ventured out on my own today to can 4 jars of smoked chicken broth and 1 jar of green beans from the garden.

I’m pleased to share the  following results:

  • Nothing exploded
  • Everthing sealed properly
  • No one got burned
  • I beamed with pride 😉