Glorious Beach Sunset!!

Wow. Just. Wow.

Things definitely have a way of working out…

The weather was SO perfect here yesterday! But… We were at work. Boo….

I busted my tail all day in hopes of leaving work by 3:30pm, so we could ride our bikes to the beach in the glorious warm and sunny weather…

Well… Good news, bad news…

Good news, I was outta there at 3:30pm sharp.

Bad news, the friggin’ marine layer (aka, “fog”) rolled in at 3:30pm sharp also. Ahhhhhh…. Noooooo…..

At 4:30pm I checked the tide level and discovered it was low tide (and a MINUS tide at that). Perfect time to hunt for beach treasures. Yay!

So… Although it was now dreary and chilly, I convinced Chad we should at least drive down to the beach for a quick little treasure hunt before it got dark outside.

We enjoyed a nice beach stroll together, but didn’t really find anything special.


the sun started to set…

And the low tide created a wondrously reflective wet beach for some amazing sunset reflections!!

What an incredibly blessed stroll it turned out to be. So especially unexpected since at our campground just 1 mile down the road, there was 100% cloud cover with what we thought was ZERO chance of getting to see a sunset at all that night.

I still can’t believe how rich the colors were! Sooooooo grateful!!