Our trip to Yosemite National Park

1a-cover picWow!!!!

We were sooooooooooo blessed to spend time in Yosemite National Park earlier this week!!!!! (See video below, and I’m sure you’ll understand why!!!)

We’ve been to the park one other time, but we visited that time in August, and most of the falls were completely dry. Yosemite Falls was just a trickle during that visit.

We’ve been hearing folks raving about all of the snow melt this spring, and we are currently working at a campground just 4 hours from the park…so we HAD to go see for ourselves!!!

Boy, are we glad we did!!!!!

The rivers were RAGING, and waterfalls were plummeting from mountains everywhere we looked!!!! So amazing!!!!

If you ever get a chance to visit (especially in late spring), you’ve GOT to go!!!

Honestly, I don’t recall EVER regretting a visit to ANY national park. So add ’em all to your bucket list!!!


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