Meal planning to the rescue!

My weeks are SO much more enjoyable when I create a dinner plan. And, I can definitely state this as a fact because I’ve been a HUGE slacker in this department for the past couple months and my diet has suffered from extreme lack of variety and (I’ll admit it) just plain weird food pairings because of it! But….I’m back on track this week! Of course, I can’t make any promises come Monday! LOL! (So, how about you? Do you plot out your strategy for the week…or just fly by the seat of your pants??)


4 thoughts on “Meal planning to the rescue!

  1. not sure if I have ever planned meals for a wk. May be a day or too when I make alot on day and have the left overs with a new meal. I think I need a 12 step plan to set a menu for a wk. Good your back on track

  2. About a month ago I got serious and made a spreadsheet in Excel with all of the meals for one week and then added up the groceries into a long list (also in Excel). Buying organic, it comes to about $100 a week for a family of four plus a baby (who gets fresh fruits/vegetables, not baby jar food). But, I think we need more raw veggies and fruits than I currently buy, so probably that number will go up. I could also get much more meticulous about ingredients, but I just haven’t yet.

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