The “not-so-glamorous” side of food photography

The lighting in my kitchen is not too great for taking photos…it’s a bit shadowy on my countertops.

So here’s s little “behind-the-scenes” secret….often I put the food on the kitchen floor (or the bathroom counter, etc.) to get a better shot.

Chad gets a bit of a “kick” out of this, so he decided to spy on me with his video camera during one of my recent “photo shoots” (during which I was capturing the  pic to the right for another blog post).

Things just aren’t always as glamorous as they seem. LOL! So if you’re under the impression that I have studio lights, tripods and mounted cameras in my kitchen, you may want to check out the video below….I was taking a pic of this plate on the floor with my phone 🙂  (Please pardon Chad’s “chomping” noises. As is typical in our household, he was chowing down on his dinner while I was spending 5 minutes taking pictures of mine while it gets cold. LOL!)

4 thoughts on “The “not-so-glamorous” side of food photography

  1. All great people start out with less than perfect settings. It assisted them to make perfection with what they had on hand, be resourceful, free flowing 🙂

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