Simple REAL FOOD Dinner

Eating REAL food doesn’t have to be complicated.

I just LOVE using the grill because there’s fewer dishes to clean up that way!

Here’s a simple dinner we ate last night. Another great tip is to throw as many colors as possible onto your plate! We “eat with our eyes,” so make your plate look appealing!

On this plate (click photo to enlarge):

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs (organic). Seasoned with salt/pepper/garlic powder and grilled. Most “grill seasonings” are filled with MSG and other health-depleting additives, so toss them out and try it this way! Yum!

Asparagus – Ends snapped off. Spears tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with salt. Grilled.

Frozen corn (organic) – Cooked on stovetop in a bit of water.

Cherry tomatoes – Raw. No prep or cooking required.

You can substitute any cuts of meat and a wide array of veggies for endless quick dinner combinations!

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2 thoughts on “Simple REAL FOOD Dinner

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