Just Say “No” to GMOs!

It can be overwhelming and a bit scary to consider, but it IS very important that we all become informed about genetically modified (GMO) foods. Here’s an informative (yet easy to understand) overview to get you started, but I highly recommend that you seek out additional info, as well, so you can make truly informed decisions.

If you choose, you can avoid GMOs, but you must make a conscious effort and also avoid most processed products (because they are full of the most frequently genetically altered ingredients: corn, soy, sugar from beets, canola and cottonseed oil).

I encourage you to take 25 minutes of your time to check out the videos below and learn about the health implications of these foods (e.g., allergies, mineral deficiencies, immune disease, inflammation, digestive distress, and reproductive problems/birth defects/death in animals), as well as the environmental impacts!

These organisms are banned in many other countries, but in the U.S. companies are not even required to label which of their foods are modified! Even worse, the same companies whose products are full of GMOs in the U.S., produce non-GMO versions overseas! We cannot wait around for policy changes; GMOs are not going to be banned from the top down – – we must ensure their removal through consumer demand! The power is ours, so please spread the word! One way to avoid GMOs is to buy foods that are certified organic. You can also check out this FREE downloadable shopping guide to learn which brands are non-GMO!


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