What’s in YOUR Nuts?!

This is not an attack on peanuts, specifically, because the same marketing trickery is used on all sorts of foods. Peanuts just make a great example…

Quick, what ingredients would you expect to find listed on the back of this jar?
Hmm….did I hear, “peanuts”? Yep! Oh, and “sea salt”? You got it! What else? What do ya mean “that’s it”??? Think again!!
Oh, how lovely…among other unrecognizable things, there’s the word “monosodium glutamate” right before our very eyes! (The abbreviation for that is MSG by the way!) So just as they wanted, you choose their beautiful peanuts because you think you’re making the healthy choice by getting “sea salt.” And how sweet of them to print that right there on the front of the jar for your convenience. Too bad it’s marketing trickery! Ugh! Believe me, folks, I wish this sort of thing were only done with peanuts, but it’s everywhere!!! So you MUST always check the BACK of the package and look at the full ingredients list if you want to know what you’re really eating!


3 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR Nuts?!

  1. And look at all that “corn” listed on there too! My word, who wants corn with their peanuts?! I’m sensitive to corn, and they sneak it into ev.er.y.thing.!

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