4 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR chili powder???

  1. One correction, Christie: The chili powder doesn’t “dissolve” into the chili; the particles are carried in suspension. This is true of nearly all ground and/or powdered herbs and spices.

    As to chili powder–I haven’t used “store-boughten” chili powder for over a decade. It’s just too easy to make your own. Cumin, oregano, garlic, etc.–all optional, and things you can add (to taste) when you’re making your chili.

    The essential ingredient is of course dried chiles. My long-time personal blend has been (by weight) 80% Fresnos, 10% serranos, 10% habaneros. Dry them whole, either in a dehydrator or simply string them with needle and thread and hang them up.

    Grind them to powder in an inexpensive electric coffee bean grinder.

    I make mine in two versions: One as described above; the other mixed 50% by volume smoked Spanish paprika. The paprika takes the edge off of the chiles and adds good, rich color to chili.

    One batch, stored in a cool, dark place, will last an amazingly long time because you will use it in much smaller quantities for each batch of chili.

    Warning! Be careful when working with chiles, and especially when/after grinding them. Do NOT touch sensitive membranes (lips, eyes) without cleaning your hands–use cooking oil to clean your hands. Better, use disposable gloves.

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