Use caution when packing your lunch!

We all know that going out for lunch carries with it certain risks (e.g., ingesting all sorts of food additives), but apparently even bringing your own healthy, whole foods lunch from home can be risky. Well, if you’re in a hurry…
Today, my hubby was packing his lunch quickly before heading off to work. He knew there was leftover chili in the fridge for him, so he grabbed the tupperware container and threw it in his lunchbox. Before he left for work, I noticed the chili was still in the fridge, so I went to put it in his lunchbox and found that he’d accidentally packed a bowl of mushed up, rotten veggies intended for our dog (click photo to enlarge)! Oops!

2 thoughts on “Use caution when packing your lunch!

  1. I think (hope) my family knows not to eat off of the bottom shelf in our fridge. There are eggshells, coffee grounds, expired yogurt and food scraps all waiting to go in the compost or garden. Yummy!

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