How to Make a Fast Food Burger Even MORE Unhealthy!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I seem to have become a magnet for other people’s “junk food confessions.” In a similar vein, it seems that because I blog about the dangers of processed foods, my friends and acquaintances also feel compelled to horrify me with text messages and emails featuring the most surprisingly processed stuff they can get their hands on! In this case, my buddy Mike has really outdone himself. LOL!


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Guess where Chad & Christy used to work…

Here’s a little “behind-the-scenes” archive footage for you….

That’s a picture of my hubby working at Kentucky Fried Chicken many, many years ago! We met there as teenagers working together for good ol’ Colonel Sanders himself! Ahhhh…the irony! It’s SO much more enjoyable working together cooking healthy food for clients now!

“Would you like an extra biscuit with that?” (Man…I’ve still got it!)

P.S. – Although Colonel is pronounced, “kernel,” I can’t tell you how many people would pull up to the drive-thru speaker and order a “colonial” chicken sandwich. We always got a good chuckle out of that! (So, yes, in case you’ve ever wondered – the kids behind the speaker at the drive-thru ARE most definitely making fun of just about anything you say. Hee, hee!) Perhaps that will deter you from eating there! 😉