Tired of Fresh Produce Rotting Away Before You Can Use It???

Do you have a problem with produce rotting in the fridge before you get a chance to use it?

Here’s the solution:

1. Plan your week’s worth of meals ahead of time – The day before you do your grocery shopping, sit down for 30 minutes or so and decide what meals you’re going to make for the entire week.

2. Look at the meals you’ve planned, and be sure you’ve scheduled meals that require highly perishable goods (e.g., cilantro, green onions, ripe bananas) for early in the week.

3. Schedule less perishable meal ideas for latest in the week, and you won’t have to return to the store for a whole week!!! Even better, you won’t waste any money by throwing away rotting produce!

Here are a few examples of meals with less perishable ingredients:
-Pot roast w/ carrots, onions and potatoes
-Roasted chicken with Parmesan noodles and sauteed frozen veggies
-Steak and baked potatoes with fresh green beans
-Burgers w/ homemade baked fries & sauteed squash

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