Tour of Chad & Christy’s Gardens – June 13, 2012

Side view of Main Garden

Picking peas taller than me!

We are so grateful to have enough land for two large gardens at our home right in the middle of the city, and we just LOVE bringing our harvest straight to our dinner table! I thought I’d take a minute to share some photos of what’s growing in our gardens, so far, this season. I’d love to hear what you are growing, too, so leave a comment  below to tell me about your growing adventure!

Our gardens have changed a lot since we dug our first hole just five short years ago. That first season, our garden consisted of only a few tomato and pepper plants we purchased at a local farmers market. The following year, we built four 4’x4′ raised beds and grew a variety of vegetables using the methods of Square Foot Gardening. We loved it so much that by the end of the season, we built 3 more beds – and started growing our own plants from seeds! You can check out that garden of ours by clicking here! The following year (last year), we moved to a new house with much more land, and we created the “Main Garden” pictured above. This year, we expanded to the other side of our property and planted an additional, slightly smaller garden (as you’ll see below).


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Sugar snap pea harvest


Watermelon plant

Tomato plants – We use a “Florida Weave” technique to stake our plants, rather than using tomato cages.

From left: onions, bell peppers, potatoes (We use the a “Florida Weave” staking method instead of cages for the peppers.)

From left: Lettuce, Green Beans, Peas

Harvesting lettuce. Summer squash and zucchini seeds are planted in the empty bed to the left.

Fresh herbs: oregano, thyme, chives

Tomato (left) and basil plants

Cucumbers growing up a trellis

Cucumber will be ready to eat SOON!

Potatoes – I knew potatoes grew underground, but I had NO idea (until planting some last year) that they had THIS much foliage above ground!


Side view of Garden #2. We used pine mulch for the pathways in this garden.



Cauliflower (front row)

Cilantro – My FAVORITE fresh herb!!!!