MSG: What is it? Where is it hidden on food labels? How is it affecting YOUR health?

accentBelow is a fascinating video overview, especially for anyone who is skeptical about the health effects of hidden additives in our food!! This is a lecture by Dr. Russell Blaylock. He is an M.D. & a neuroscientist, and he gives an easy-to-understand explanation about all of the additives in our food and the physical damage that results from ingesting them. Dedicate an hour of your time to watch this video, and you’ll no longer be confused about the state of our health in this country!

MSG is not an allergen or a “sensitivity” – it is a TOXIN; everyone is affected by it to one degree or another, and many of the effects are very delayed. Think you’re already avoiding such additives? Unless absolutely nothing you eat comes in a package, then chances are that you’re sadly mistaken!

Dr. Blaylock explains how the food industry can get away with labeling MSG-containing products as “MSG Free.” Things shouldn’t be this way, but unfortunately they are! Implications are discussed for dozens of health conditions from headaches to heart attacks…