What’s in Our Fridge Today?!

I get a lot of questions asking about what Chad and I eat. And, while our diet tends to change a lot from time to time, we do consistently avoid food additives like MSG and its many hidden names. Now that we are traveling full-time in our RV and our food access and storage options have changed significantly (i.e., no garden of our own, no deep freezer, no home-canned goods, limited access to farmers markets and natural grocers at times), folks have expressed concern about what we’ll be eating. We’re just getting started with our new life, but here’s a peek at what we’ve got in the kitchen right now….


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6 thoughts on “What’s in Our Fridge Today?!

  1. I make homemade ketchup with the small can of tomato paste organic and apple cider vinegar and my spices. Great price, the small can makes a small batch and I always have a can of tomato paste. thanks for sharing. Now with cool weather coming more time for cooking!!!

    • We make homemade ketchup when necessary, but we both just love the taste of Annie’s….so when we have a source, we stock up 🙂 Of course, the homemade version IS much healthier, so perhaps you’ve inspired me to start weaning myself from the commercial variety….

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