Our “REAL FOODS” Thanksgiving (2012)

Herb Roasted Chicken Thighs & Oven Roasted Potatoes

Holidays and other social events can be a tricky part of life when you battle a bazillion food intolerances! I’m sure many of you can relate, and I’d LOVE to hear how you enjoyed this Thanksgiving – just leave a comment below. :)Typically, Chad and I go to my Mom’s house for Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful event filled with family and friends, fellowship…and never-ending food (none of which I can eat, unfortunately). So how do we handle this holiday? I know everyone has a different solution for this apparent dilemma – and surely many of you just eat what is offered and suffer silently for it. Perhaps others of you attend the function and just skip the food? That’s what we usually do at most events and social functions…but Thanksgiving is a little more food-focused than your average function (LOL!), and we certainly don’t want to cause any awkwardness for anyone.

Apple crisp for dessert!

So, over the years, what we’ve determined works best for us is to bring our own food. This way, no one struggles to accommodate my very specific and complicated dietary needs; there’s no risk of anyone accidentally “poisoning” me (which makes them and me a bit more relaxed); and I’m not just sitting there eating the carrot sticks or a few other items that happen to be okay for me while everyone else enjoys the full courses and feels bad that I’m sitting there with nothing on my plate. I’ve included some pictures here of what Chad and I prepared and packed for our “to go” meal this Thanksgiving (click any pics to enlarge). Okay…Chad actually prepared all of it…and I packed it! LOL! Yes, you read that correctly….I didn’t cook a thing on Thanksgiving! Score!

Entrees and desserts all packed and ready to go!

Alright, so we kept things pretty “low maintenance,” and we both prefer chicken over turkey, anyway; so we feasted on Roasted Chicken Thighs and Oven Roasted Taters….umm, and those might be plain canned green beans. (Shoot us…we like them! LOL!) Oh, and some yummy gluten-free/dairy-free apple crisp for dessert! When dinner was ready to be served, we popped our grub in the microwave (which we normally don’t use…but we decided to “live on the edge” for the day. Hee, hee!) Admittedly, it wasn’t the typical Thanksgiving feast; but there’s no rule that you have to eat the same food as everyone else at the table in order to have fellowship, right? And at a glance it seemed we were partaking in the meal – it’s not like we had a bowl of spaghetti or a piece of pizza or something! 😉

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday; and if you deal with “food issues” at holidays and social functions, we’d love for you to share in the comments section below!


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