Are YOU a “Junk Food Confessions” Magnet?

It’s a perplexing phenomenon to which I imagine most “natural health advocates” can relate…

Now that my life’s work centers around advocating for natural foods, not a day goes by without someone feeling compelled to offer me an (unsolicited) “confession” of the unnatural things they’ve been eating.    

Seriously, I really don’t need to know that you have Skittles in the back of your cupboard that you “barely ever touch.” LOL!

And it truly makes no difference to me if you “caved in and went thru a drive-thru with the kids last night for dinner.” So there’s no need to give me that info when you see me – a simple hug or “hello” will do just fine. LOL!

I am not some kind of freaky food police, nor am I ever judging you – or anyone for that matter. (Heck, it certainly isn’t as if I thinkhave all of the answers, either! LOL!)  I have simply adopted a lifestyle that works well for me and has helped me resolve my chronic illness. I am passionate about helping others learn about natural, additive-free foods if they are interested, but it is by no means a topic that I’m just waiting for my chance to “pounce” you with. Honestly, it’s not the “elephant in the room” when I’m around as many folks seem to suspect. There’s a LOT more to me than natural food! For instance, I LOVE to squirrel watch….not that you’d prefer to talk about that, I suppose! (but I digress…)   

So, seriously, even if I bump into you somewhere and you happen to have a diet soda in one hand and a candy bar in the other (and even if your mouth were somehow also stuffed full of french fries at the same time)…we truly don’t need to discuss it. Believe it or not, it is a total non-issue for me. Seriously! I am not thinking anything about it – I’m probably just super excited to have run into you; and I’m dying to hear how you’re doing…not what you’re eating. 🙂

So, please, let’s talk about something else! I am one of the most non-condemning folks you’ll ever meet (not just about food but about anything!)…and I’d much rather talk about anything but food when socializing…and, most importantly, your diet is the last thing I’m thinking about (or analyzing, as you may suspect) when we’re hanging out.  🙂

Please note: If you have ever offered me your junk food confession and now you feel extra paranoid because you suspect that you were the inspiration behind this blog that I have now posted for the world to see….please rest assured that you are not! LOL! That’s why I’m posting this….because it happens so often with so many people – not just you! 😉  So take it easy…and, heck, keep the confessions coming if you’d like.


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9 thoughts on “Are YOU a “Junk Food Confessions” Magnet?

  1. HA! That is hilarious because my friends and family are always confessing to me too – or they pull out the giant baguette for dinner and say “Oh we hardly ever eat bread anymore.” What?? LOL.

  2. Pretty funny Christy. 🙂 I am glad that I have not had the “need ” to confess errant food choices!
    I guess that is what you have to live with when you are the “Geek”. lol ! I agree, you are not one to make value judgements based on one thing. (I am just laughing at the prospect of some one seeing you saying “There’s Christy! Quick!! Ditch the snickers!!” ) Too funny! Keep up the good work! Those who have ears to hear let them hear. If you continue to care for people, they may “hear” tomorrow or the next day.

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