A Peek Inside My Grocery Cart

Here’s what I ended up with this week at Costco! Best deal EVER on organic quinoa!! That product, alone, pays for my membership! (Click photos to enlarge!) That’s a FOUR POUND bag, people! Not the tiny little box you find at most stores for 4 bucks! And the maple syrup is the cheapest I’ve seen in town, too! Same is usually true for the ginormous pinepples and bell peppers, lemons and limes!


9 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Grocery Cart

  1. I love costco. Their organic peanut butter is a great deal too. They used to have organic strawberry jelly, but it hasnt been there the last couple of times I’ve shopped. We haven’t bought bananas there in a while b/c the last time we did, they never turned yellow. It was so weird

    • Yes! We love their peanut butter, too!!! And the almond butter is a STEAL, too, but not organic. The bananas never turned yellow!?!?! That IS really weird! I buy at least one bunch/week and have never had that happen no matter how green they were! Strange, indeed!!!

  2. Hi Christy, Do you think Costco has cut down on the number of organic items in their store? I was looking forward to Costco having organic strawberries again this year, but I haven’t seen any. I asked someone and they didn’t think the store was carrying organic strawberries this year. We too use the organic strawberry jam from Costco. I hope they don’t discontinue that too.

    • Good question! I also noticed that their huge bags of carrots (10 lbs??) aren’t organic right now. At times their fresh strawberries and raspberries ARE organic and at times they are not…so I guess I didn’t think much of them not being organic. Hopefully they’ll still have them here and there or in the future b/c what a BARGAIN! I have gotten organic strawberries there earlier this season (maybe a month ago), so I’d check with at least one more staff person before accepting that they won’t have them this year for sure???

    • So is the produce in your cart above all organic? If so, you really did go on a good day. I love their organic carrots, maple syrup,and quiona too! When I shop there, I look at the labels first to see if they highlight the word ORGANIC in green.

      • LOL! I wish! Nope, none of that is organic except the quinoa. Really, they don’t have tons of organic produce generally, but quite a few organic dry goods and frozen veggies that we like getting (Peanut butter, salsa, tomato paste, frozen corn/green beans, etc.) While I do think it’s best to eat 100% organic if possible, we just do our best 🙂

  3. Oh I so totally agree. I think that’s what scares people the most – thinking they have to be 100% perfect about eating organic, which is nearly impossible. That’s why you have such a beautiful garden! : ) Thanks for sharing about the frozen organic veggies at Costco. I’ll have to look for sweet corn. Do you by chance know if regular sweet corn is GMO? Thxs

    • Yes, I love garden season so I can know for SURE there are no chemicals on my veggies 🙂 Corn is one of the most frequently genetically modified foods from what I’ve read…so I do stear clear of conventional sweet corn, although perhaps the fresh corn is ok and it’s just the processed corn derivatives that tend to be made from GMO corn? Check out this (very outdated) link stating that only a small percentage of sweet corn is GMO…”According to Cornell University’s website Genetically Engineered Organisms, Public Issues Project (GEO-PIE), only 3 to 5 percent of the sweet corn in the U.S. is GM, and it is very unlikely that popcorn or canned sweet corn are engineered.” Again, very outdated link, though, so who knows! http://www.newswithviews.com/Smith/jeffrey.htm. To be safe, I just get organic corn…but who knows 🙂

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