Hawks & Owls Swooping Right Over Our Heads!!

christy-and-rv-in-pacific-groveAs many of you know, my hubby Chad and I are from Omaha, NE…but 5 years ago, we decided to sell our property there…buy an RV…and hit the road!

I haven’t blogged much about our travels because: (1) this blog was originally intended to be about natural foods, (2) we’ve been really busy exploring, experiencing and photographing new things…and (3) we’ve often had limited or no internet along the way.

But, now we are sitting still for a while… living in our RV and working at a campground along the coast of California. So I’m finally sitting down (with my newly-acquired, awesome unlimited internet access) to share some of our most amazing experiences and photos from along our journey. I hope you enjoy the ride and the evolution of the content here!

Oh, and don’t worry…we’ll still be doing the natural foods thing here, too! Just with a sprinkle of RV life, nature and wildlife photos and experiences, and anything else that makes my heart sing! 🙂

Harris's Hawk

Okay, so onto the hawks and owls…

Wow! We had an absolutely amazing time at the “Raptor Free Flight” show at the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson, AZ (see video below)! Please, please, please add this to your “bucket list” if you love birds!

The trainers of these hawks and owls have taught them to swoop right over the heads of the audience – and you could feel the breeze from their wings! It was incredible!

a IMG_1565I couldn’t catch every swoop on camera…it was tricky with so much going on….but you’ll see some good examples every minute or 2 in the footage below.

These birds are highly trained, yet free to leave (for the wild) if they so choose. That’s explained by the trainer near the end of this video.

Luckily, they choose to stick around to perform awe-inspiring shows like this!

They are not tethered or wearing bracelets or anything…just “free flight” amazing-ness out in the open desert. We stuck around for both 30-minute shows that day, so this is just a taste of the full hour of experience we had.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE raptors, so you can imagine I was in complete heaven that afternoon!!!!

Have you ever attended a show like this? I’d love to hear about it below!!


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