15 Signs that You are a “REAL Foodie”

Do you ever feel a little bit “different” because of your affection for real, natural foods?

Perhaps we should take a little time out from time to time to laugh at ourselves a bit from the perspective of those who aren’t quite so “into” this sort of thing.

After all, for the most part they think we’re nuts (and in my case, they really aren’t too far off – hee, hee!).

So, here are a few “red flags” that you’re a full-fledged “foodie”…just in case you thought you were fooling anyone.

15 Signs that You are a “REAL Foodie”

  1. Your fridge is full of mason jars.
  2. You never leave home without a cooler.
  3. You know how to pronounce “Quinoa.”
  4. Only a small percentage of your food comes from the grocery store.
  5. You know which weeds in your yard are edible.
  6. Your house guests can’t identify most of what’s in your pantry.
  7. Your favorite foods are illegal.
  8. You store a bin full of worms in your kitchen (or any place in your home).
  9. You LOVE bees.
  10. You eat vegetables without Ranch dip.
  11. You’ve ever contemplated the temperature at which foods (besides meat) should be considered “raw.”
  12. The last time you went to a movie theater was to see “Food, Inc.”
  13. People look confused – sometimes horrified – when they see what you’re eating.
  14. Your blender cost more than $300.
  15. The main ingredient in your favorite “mixed drink” is green…and leafy!


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25 thoughts on “15 Signs that You are a “REAL Foodie”

  1. None of the bottles in your fridge have labels
    You cut your cheese off of large blocks
    You chug pickle / sour kraut juice daily

  2. You gladly wake up super early on Saturday for the weekly trip to the Farmer’s Market.. coming home with 3 weeks worth of projects on a good day.. LOL

  3. You have free range chickens and a garden in your back yard. You can sit for hours watching them and forget you have a TV or computer. lol

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