Health(ier) Halloween Tips!!

I hope you all enjoy these tips for making Halloween a bit healthier

If you have any other ideas, please add them as comments under this post so others can benefit!!

Instead of handing out candy and other processed junk to trick-or-treaters, try healthier alternatives like:

  • nuts/seeds/raisins or other dried fruits
  • miniature packs of Play-Doh, bubbles or crayons
  • silly putty
  • mini frisbees
  • rubber “bouncy” balls
  • mini yo-yos
  • temporary tattoos
  • glow-in-the-dark items
  • or other party favors

**Last year, we handed out “crazy” straws and “parachute dudes,” and they were a big hit!!!

If you want to be extra festive, look for Halloween-themed items like:

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pencil toppers
  • stickers
  • balloons
  • plastic rings
  • bracelets
  • plastic figurines

Oriental Trading Company is a great source for these goodies! In Omaha, check out stores like Nobbies, the Dollar Store or Big Lots for bargains on these items.


Scary Cheese Fingers“Kids love these scary Halloween Cheese Fingers. They’re easy to make, too.” Click here for instructions!

Melon Brain – “Made from nothing more than a small, round seedless watermelon, this spooky cerebral creation is bound to turn heads.” Click here for instructions!

Apple Bites – “These toothsome treats are a fun and healthy break from Halloween sweets.” Click here for instructions!


*Arrange a “Buy Out” – Allow your child to trick-or-treat, but then offer a pre-determined amount of money for each candy they will “sell” you. That way they can “earn” money to buy a toy or game they want! They won’t be eating so much junk, but they also won’t have to miss out on the fun with friends! It’s a “win-win” deal!

*Make sure your family eats sensibly throughout the rest of the year. This sets a good example that helps kids make wise decisions any time they are tempted to overindulge with unhealthy food choices.

*Remember, Halloween can still be fun for kids without being too unhealthy! It just takes extra planning and dedication on your part!


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