Costco sells more than just 20 gallon tubs of mayo!

Folks are usually pretty surprised to bump into me at Costco. After all, warehouse clubs are often known for their bargain deals on processed foods.

Bags of chips as tall as me and 20 gallon tubs of mayo may be why many folks join, but…. I find deals on tons of basic foods/ingredients, and the savings easily covers the cost of my membership each year. They also offer quite a few organic options, even in their produce (and frozen veggies). They carry some “certified organic” beef and chicken, as well, and sometimes some “wild caught” fish. Then, of course, there are all of the household items, etc. But just the food alone saves me enough money to make the trip worth my while.

I snapped a pic of my grocery cart while I was there today to show you an example of the things I find there. I also snapped a pic of my receipt so you can compare the prices to your grocer! (Click photos to enlarge.)

You can go there for free to check it out and compare prices to decide if you’d like to join. Just tell them you’re there to “look around.” You just won’t be able to purchase anything until you become a member.

Let me know if you have any questions. And if you sign up for a membership, ask me how to earn yourself a $10 Costco cash card when you join 🙂


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