2 thoughts on “Peek inside our tiny REAL FOOD kitchen!

  1. I saw your YouTube video. It filled me with a lot of hope. I downloaded your free cookbook and if I find the recipes easy enough, I will buy your other one. It looks like your last post was in 2015. I hope you’re just busy doing fun stuff because you feel so good.
    I’ve had fibro since 1994 but wasn’t diagnosed until 2001. I used to eat cleaner than I do now and your video reminded me why. Thanks for the info!

  2. Melanie,

    I’m so sorry to hear of your Fibro struggles. I honestly cannot imagine suffering with those symptoms for THAT many years; and I pray that you find relief soon. I hope you enjoy the recipes and find them to be simple enough to be useful to you along your journey. I post fairly frequently on my Facebook page, and somewhat so on my membership community…I’m just working outside of the home now (which I wasn’t doing when I started this blog), and I’m out having SO much fun on my days off… so I’m just not posting here these days I guess. Wow! Didn’t realize it’s been since 2015 though! Yes, I feel great!!!! 100% awesome, actually!!! Hope the same for you soon, too!

    Blessings to you along your healing journey,

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